PS3 PES 2015 File Edit Mod By FGR [BLUS31480 / Duplex / BLES02088] (05.01 release)

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Password: BlueDiskHaven

[ONLY FOR CFW (Custom Firmware) / ODE (Optical Drive Emulator)]

Note for changelogs and download links you’ll see them on the pastebin page
Included instructions with each download and if you need more help check out the faq
Also that I’ll updating the pastebin pages so remember to check them regularly

Mod Feature List

List of Changelogs / updates

Edit Option Save File Data:
Extract the ps3 folder to the root of a usb then copy the save file to the ps3

dt15.cpk Mod (Official Logos)
Replaces the dt15.cpk in the USRDIR of the PES 2015 game

dt34.cpk Mod (Official Kits)
Replaces the dt34.cpk in the USRDIR of the PES 2015 game

[BDH] PES 2015 DpFileList Mod
*Replaces the one in the datapack copy this one last*

PES 2015 Official Datapacks, Updates & Backup dt cpk files

(Unofficial Updates and Mod Pack requires latest datapack and update from link above)

BDH Unofficial Update Data Pack
(to install same as datapack)

BDH Console Pitch & Graphics Mod Pack By PESMONKEY Pack:
(to install same as datapack)

BDH PES 2015 FAQ (I’ll answer people’s questions here)

Additional Information

By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

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I’ll continue to work on this and will release regular updates

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  1. Have updated the faq and additional information a bit so if people have questions on any forum / site I will edit those two pages to add information to it so check those if you have questions or need help etc… if not comment then I’ll update it at some point

    Anyways enjoy and have fun!
    First release of 2015! :D

    • All the links are on each pastebin page
      you need to download each one as they’re different files
      i keep them seperate because when i update it would be near 1gb every single time

      some of the other pastebin pages are guides and info

  2. Hi Faith, will for the next update you can enter teams promoted the Brasileirao (Joinville, Avai, Vasco and Ponte Preta)?

    • Sadly I don’t know when plus I think konami were going to do them in the next datapack
      I don’t overly want to spend time on something then konami does it themselves

      There’s other things I need to do first

  3. Hey Mate. Thanks for the awesome patch. I’m just having one issue,all logos and emblems are not showing up.. All others seems to be working fine. Please help.I think I followed your instructions correctly. Dt15 to usrdir of pes15 backup just like dt34?

  4. Sorry my bad, i had game data installed.Deleted it and tried, its all good now. Looks amazing, thanks alot for your hard work. keep em updates coming. cheers!

  5. I need an help: I have a clean installation with update 1.02 and datapack 2.0 and the game on an external HDD
    I have now to customize the game with your dt15.cpk and dt34.cpk, your Option file and, if I have understood correctly, your DpFileList.bin.

    Can you confirm if the following steps are correct to customize the game are correct?

    1)copy your dt15.cpk and dt34.cpk replacing the one on external HDD in the folder PS3_GAME\USRDIR
    2)copy the option file on PS3 save games
    3)Replaces the DpFileList.bin in the datapack directory (i.e.dev_hdd0\game\BLES02088_DATAPACK\USRDIR\)
    4)Put PS3 into Recovery Menu, and Rebuild Database [option 4]

    Can you pls. confirm?

    Thanks in advance

    • Solved !
      Only Steps 1&2 done and now PES 2015 on my PS3 is fully customized….

      Only a suggestion for faith genesis raven: in the future try to explain better the steps to follow to fully install all the different packs you have so well developped.

      Thanks for your wonderful effort!

      • Yeah it is something that I have been wanting to do as ofcourse for new users it can be a bit confusing but its something i think people get used to it and it does become easier when updating

        I will hopefully 1 do a better faq and 2 provide packs of the datapack that you just copy the folder straight away rather than moving files etc…

        thanks for the feedback!

  6. It all seem to work but the badges seem to be missing did you take them away or am I using the wrong DpFileList.bin?

    • I did move certain things about before so make sure your using the latest version of everything,

      the only ones that are missing currently are the euro teams i added and tokyo fc
      i will do an update at some point

    • I meant premier league badge that’s on the sleeve. champions league comes on in that tournament. I tried English league and it did not appear.

      Thanks for reply