PES 2015 Serie B All 22 teams kit And 3 type Logo Pack By sepahan-pc

Download PES2015 Serie B All 22teams kit And 3 type LogoPack By sepahan-pc

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Full Kitpack for 22 teams Serie B Italia 2014/15

3type Logo pack for Serie B


-KITS: .CPK & DDS >Usable in MOD Loader

-Logos: .CPK & PNG >Usable in MOD Loader

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  1. It’s relesed, but sephan site is offline for hours.

    We’ll add direct link from their site when available.

    Site is often online, or loading for minutes. babaei007, next times, please send us download links directly. In archive you can have any shortcuts or info.

  2. Virtus Entella kit is the same of Virtus Lanciano,
    Trapani P1 kit have a wrong configuration.
    But the kit pack is great.
    Thanks. ;)