PES 2015 Turf Colors Mod v3 by Fruits : All ground resolutions improved from 512×256 to 3584×1792 the game crashes at 4096. Still the same color as v2. In the screens you might not see a big thing but in game it looks really nice. Also i might be dreaming but do i feel that the gameplay somehow just got better or its just me?

PES 2015 Turf Colors Mod v3 by Fruits (1) PES 2015 Turf Colors Mod v3 by Fruits (2)
PES 2015 Turf Colors Mod v3 by Fruits (3)

Dirt texture as well so you can actually spot dark brown dirt in some stadiums pitches during day.

Better perception of 3D grass from outside the replays.


NOTE: I can’t suit everybody’s tastes, i do this for myself and decided to share it this year, so any comments about “how badly it doesn’t suits your taste” or “Oh i want it super green” will be ignored, there are many other turfs available around the web.

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  1. This optimal colors lawns and the effects man , but during the rain is getting red , arranging this is excelent …

  2. some stadiums (konami and boca’s la bombonera) always have a full red/dark brown turfs when rainy, ist it a bug or not?
    fix it please, it hurts our eyes

    a little dark spot is okay, but a full dark turf is horrible