PES 2015 PTE Patch 4.0 Released 18 January 2015

Download PES15 PTE Patch 4.0

– 5 New Teams: Trabzonspor, Celtic, Dynamo Kyiv, Fenerbahçe, Crvena Zvezda (with correct kits, lineups, squad, stats, back numbers, manager, home ground, banners, rivals)
-New faces, including: Kaká, Talisca, Alcacer, Selke, Taarabat, Salah, S. Mané, Gabriel, Dybala
-New kits: Wolverhampton, Norwich, Reading, Sheffield, Watford, Wigan, Blackpool, Huddersfield, Bologna, Ternana, Vicenza, Trapani, Frosione, Dortmund, Real Madrid, Atl. Madrid, Granada, Inter, Vitoria FC, Sporting, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.
-Added 3rd, 4th and CL kits for: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Newcastle, Man. City, Everton, Tottenham, QPR, Vitoria SC, Belenenses, Braga, Maritimo, Rio Ave, Estoril, Penafiel, Dortmund, Atl Madrid.
-Licensed managers for all teams – All leagues
-Real stadium names for all teams – All leagues and competitions (Libertadores, Recopa, AFC CL…)
-Banners for a lot of teams – Including full EPL, Championship and Primeira liga
-Rivals for all the teams – All Leagues
-Fixed boots, accessories and tactics for a lot of players and teams – Including full EPL, Serie A, Primeira Liga and Liga BBVA
-Fixed fonts and numbers for all Serie A teams
-Correct colors and icons for all unlicensed teams
-Winter transfers (only the most important ones)
-Added 7 new balls, including: Derbystar Brillant, Marhaba CAF 2015, Ordem II CBF 2015, Finale Berlin OMB
-adnan_m and Fruits Pitch Mod included – available via switch

[PES15] PTE Patch General Features:
– Full Bundesliga 2014-2015
– New teams: Malmo, Trabzonspor, Celtic, Dynamo Kyiv, Fenerbahçe, Crvena Zvezda
– Real kits, logos and names for all unlicensed teams, leagues and competitions
– Real kits and players names for all unlicensed national teams
– Real players names for all unlicensed Brazilian teams
– Fixed boots, accessories and tactics
– Licensed managers for all teams – All leagues
– Correct stadium names, banners and rivals
– New balls, faces, adboards, referee kits and classic kits
– Sider, pitch modes, stadium manager included
– Commentator names for all unlicensed teams
– Compatible Online and with Data Pack 2.00 and KONAMI Patch Version 1.02.00


– Is not necessary have the previous versions of the patch installed
– If you find some error, please report

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– Special thanks to “sonjiru”, for the help with the Bundesliga

PTE TEAM : mota10 – andy18cruz – mentorman13 – pesmaniacos

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  1. wow just great are u serious it doesnt work at all thx PTE now i have to install PES again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. when i tried to extract the files, it appears a diagnostics message said corrupt header is found. anyone have a solution? Thank you.

  3. Thanks, got Celtic now keep up the great work .. when you have time be good to get the faces sorted but for now i am very happy .. again thank you

  4. PTE 4.0 is the best patch so far….keep up the good work!….but please include more boots, faces, STADIUMS, chants and many more… :)

  5. well i like patch but i dont like pitch mod,can i install patch without pitch and other grapich and texture modes ? i just dont like it

  6. Online licensed mode doesn’t allow the selection of the German teams in online divisions because they are missing from the OTHER EUROPEAN TEAMS,

  7. Problems adding stadium , custom stadium cannot be added , the numbers of stadium remains as it is , it was not problem with 3.1 version but its serous problem with 4.0 ,

    i have 41 stadium pack by ersten silva and pte patch 4.0 is showing only 20 ,
    i have done it on version 3.1 and it worked but its not working for 4.0 please apply tell the fix

    • Install the pack with the stadiums manager option with PTEpatch.exe.Read carefully the instructions that are in PESfolder/PTE/Stadium folder…regards.

      • even when you follow the instructions you only get 20 stadiums while you must get 41 stadiums , how many stadiums did you get ??

  8. For PTEPtach users with problems:
    Hey guys,there is a file called “Read Before Install.txt”.It is not of adornment…it is there for read it before install the patch.If you read it and follow carefully his instructions you don´t should have problems,and the patch will works fine,like it do it to the majority of users.The patch works very very fine and is by far the best of all there are…Best regards.

    • hi i have installed this patch but using the two tipes on line mod not works live aggiornation e so i can’y play on line …somebody can help me thanks

    • i installed the PTE patch accoridng to the Read before install.txt and it doesnt work the problem is that you have to have the original version of pes 2015

  9. Is any patch that can be able to put the game playing alone…simulation mode. Now is not posibile to select middle side to put teams playng alone.!

    • There is a way men.Download the sider 2.0 There is a file called sider.ini.
      OPen it and put this line like this:”free.first.player = 1″.
      Run the sider before star the game.In the first window when says “press star button” do it with any key,not the game pad,so the game detect the tool.Start a friendlyb match aand now you can put the gameoad or keyboard in neutral enter and the two teams play lonely…REmember that this way you lost the control over the game.To exit you must do it with the task manager(Crtl+alt+sup…stop the aplication…)Best regards

  10. ThAanks, I have steam , but what is the difference between when I install it in steam folder or the same pes 2015 folder ? What is the difference between them ? thanks again . Yes, I read the instructions, but I want to know what is the difference ?

  11. Hi Jesus I have the original pes buy on problem is that when I choose the on line mod(licensed or unlicensed)I can’t play on line and when I play a friendly match the live update not put the patch with setup normal I suppose steam mode…can you help me?please

    • Hi:Please,go to PTEblog(Peseditpt.blogspot),there is people that can help you.This patch is some complex because it have many options configurations, and they know the problems´s solution better than nobody…Regards.

  12. can someone send me only the kits from second english division and his config.bin files to my mail
    i already do my own patch….but i need the config.bin files for team unlicenced from that teams…

  13. this patch is dissapointing if you ask me i really hope that the next version will be better and by better i mean actually working !!

  14. it is normal for the first year of Master League, in champions league i end up with three teams Fake (Pabrowienstien, Creussemburg, Dhroffsmitz) who do not belong to any league?

  15. Guys the patch is great! I love it but Aubameyang needs a proper face, after that the Patch is the most detailed i’ve ever seen!

  16. im begging for the next update pls add a new stadiums, new boot packs, a lot more faces,….by the way, so far PTE 4.0 is the best patch!…well done PTE team

  17. Please include Albanian National Team in the next patch
    And for now make an update-fix patch 4.01 to add new boots,balls,kits etc

  18. Alguién ha notado que al poner jugadores de la copa Libertadores, copa Sudamerica y la champions de Asia a sus respectivas selecciones, estos jugadores se duplican en la LIGA MÁSTER????
    Uno en su equipo de origen y el otro en la lista de búsqueda “OTROS”

    Esto pasa con todos los parches existentes, encontré mas 200 jugadores duplicados hasta este momento y sigue el conteo…


  19. Someone has noticed that putting players in the Libertadores Cup , Cup champions South America and Asia to their respective teams , these players are duplicated in the MASTER LEAGUE ????
    One team of origin and the other in the search list ” OTHER ”

    This happens with all existing patches, 200 duplicates found more players so far and still counting …


  20. i have a question:
    when will online mode be open again?because i still cannot play online.
    if someone have an answer.
    thank you

  21. Hi.
    Thanks for your great patch. It’s the most complete patch for PES 2015 I’ve ever seen.
    But unfortunately I have a problem with the stadiums’ ad-boards. The clubs’ exclusive ad-boards that were available in the last patch, don’t appear in the game: even the default exclusive ad-boards of the clubs & stadiums the existed before installing the patch also have been removed & all of the ad-boards have turned into only “KONAMI” & “PES 2015” logos and nothing more! It’s really nerve-racking!
    Please help me with this common problem of many users.
    Thx a lot.

  22. Hey please add new bootpack in your next patch please…. I tried many times to add Bootpack by Ron69 but i does not work for me because the bootpack is not compatible with PTE patch 4.0…… plz add bootpack in your next patch plzzzz…….. thanks