The new update is out now for BLES/BLUS/BLAS, just like the previous updates it contains every file so when copying give plenty of time for everything to load and say yes when asked to overwrite. The update contains…

PES 2015 PS3 paul2478 Option File 11 Jan

Premier League
Kits updated for about half the teams, the rest will be done in the next update along with updated Championship and Serie B kits.

Line ups fixed and duplicate players removed. Some extra players added. Some more appearances added, I know I said I would have them all done but I decided to do the following instead.

Liga MX
All teams added with home, away & gk kits plus correct players. No appearances done yet, they will be done in future updates. A massive thanks to JeeCkho for providing the player stats.

Other Teams
Malmo and Fenerbache added to the other European teams thanks to Zsolt and Adelaide Utd, Brisbane Roar, Melbourne City, Newcastle Jets, Perth Glory and Sydney FC added to the other Asian teams thanks to GronKaroglan. Until I make the J-League some of them appear in the PAS League for now. No appearances as yet, again they will follow in future updates.

National Teams
Kits added for the remaining European teams, all African teams and Uruguay. Thanks to Zsolt again for a lot of these.

I haven’t done any as yet, I will only be doing transfers for the teams I have created, I will wait for the next Konami data pack to fix the transfers for the teams already in the game. The same goes for managers, I will wait to see if they are updated by the next data pack before making any changes.

The last data pack reset all of these for the licensed teams, I won’t be updating any of them until I know if the next data pack will do the same.

That’s about it for now, in terms of creating teams I just need to do the J-League, Steaua Buchresti & 5 South American teams. After that I can start updating things such as player appearances.

Here it is my PES 2015 OF :) You need the latest Konami Data Pack v2.00 for it to work, if you get a error saying can’t load because you have a different version this is the problem




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  1. i download file but no ps3 folder i copy paul2478 folder to usb and plug it to ps3 but message says no saved data….need help..thanks

  2. baixei patch para ps3 ultima versao para pen com pasta nome ps3 e outra savedate meto na ps3 e diz nao existem dados como faço ?

  3. I’d really like to install this OF. Currently I am playing a ‘Meisterliga’ with the OF from Dec20 2014. My question is: will I lose my ‘Meisterliga’ progress when I install the new OF?

  4. Thank you so much Paul2478!!!

    Olá Rúben … É PS3 / SAVEDATA … Colocas a pendrive na Playstation 3, depois vais ao separador jogo e selecionas “Utilitário de Dados Guardados PS3” aí vai aparecer o dispositivo USB, pressionas o botão triângulo e seleccionas “Apresentar todos” depois é só copiar tudo e já está!

  5. I wanna ask something. When I played it with Borrusia Dortmund and any teams from bundesliga, why loading is so long ? However, when I played with another teams not from bundesliga , loading is normal. Please help !!! Overall goood patch paul !

  6. Very good patch! Please complete kits and banner on shirt as well as logos on shirt and shorts in bundesliga – then itz perfection

  7. Hey! Could someone please explain how to get this working? I mean, do I just copy all the folders on an usb-stick? and what then? Thank you!!!

  8. Damn! I’m using ps3 for asia and PES for Arababian. I downloaded BLUS but my ps3 says there is no dada file in USB. Is this happened cuz i downloaded wrong version? Help me bros!

  9. Hey Paul instead of adding South American teams, you should add some MLS teams like LA Galaxy, NYRB, Seattle Sounders, Toronto FC, and New England Revolution.

  10. This may be a stupid question sorry but I’m new to this….. Do I have instal any previous versions of Ur option file before this or can I just instal this one?

  11. I have downloaded BLES (i have an european pes15+ps3) and i’ve unzipped it with WINZIP, but the output file is not “PS3”, but “paul2478 PES2015 OF (Jan11)”.
    So when I’ve put it on my USB the PS3 would not read it.
    I’ve even tried to rename the unzipped file to “PS3” but it would not work.
    I have also downloaded the last data pack 2.0 from Konami.
    What shall I do? Please help me, it drives me crazy.

    VIVA LA PES 2015

    • I had the same problem while trying to Extract them all but my PS3 couldn’t detected.
      I’ve realized I didn’t have to extract the files.
      1st create new main file as “PS3”, 2nd open that file & created a another file as “SAVEDATA” and 3rd go back and open “paul2478-PES2015-OF-(Jan11)” then Copy & Paste all the unextracted files and now go to “SAVEDATA” file and then copy. Now it should be detected on your system :-)

      That’s how I done it.

    • you’ve to make ”PS3” folder. after that, make also “SAVEDATA”folder inside PS3 folder. And, put files inside paul 2478 to SAVEDATA folder. Now, your patch can read in PS3 system. try it.

      • NB: don’t put paul patch folder inside SAVEDATA folder. only all files inside paul patch. and waiting until PS3 reads all of files because PS3 only read files one by one.

  12. Hi. Just copied Jan11 and Feb15 files (850 files) from paul’s website in my PS3 (everything updated to the latest patches/datapacks) for PES2015.
    However, I’m experiencing very slow speeds regarding how team emblems show up in team selection.
    Anyone else having same slow responses after pauls patch?

  13. Ive read all of the comments on how to ad it onto the ps3 but it still won’t work. ive taken all the folders out of the main one (Paul…. Folder) and put them in PS3/SAVEDATA but it still wont work. Someone help Please :/

  14. Just two questions, do these patches work well with online mode?
    Also do I need a physical copy of the game or can I use a digital version?

  15. Hi all,
    I’ve successfully copy the files into PS3 via USB. But when I enter the game, no change in the team kits, player names… Is anyone have same problem as I do?

  16. Hi Paul

    I appreciate the patches that you do but i’m failing to download the file from Mediafire, it keeps failing to download. Can you maybe please upload it to another service??



  17. Hi,

    I have a question, i have no BLUS or BLES i have a digital version of this game on PS3 so which one do i have to download ?

  18. Hi!!!

    I have a question,,, how to copy paul’s edit data to other ps3,, as it is saying that u cannot use another user’s save data????? help mee plz………

    • Ali,
      Copy the file to your PS3 from the USB, then it will give you that warning about someone else’s data. Delete the one on the USB. You just copy it back to the USB you used, delete it off the PS3. Now copy it back to your PS3. You’re just moving it around but when you move it from your PS3 to the USB it now has your ID attached to it. Problem solved.