PES 2015 Modern GamePlay 1.02 by nesa24 Released 11 January 2015

GameplayPatch for PES2015
Codename GIFT/Dar because GOD is giving me SON as a best GIFT
So this gameplay is GIFT to community

PES 2015 Modern GamePlay 1.02 by nesa24

Download, unpack, copy to PES folder and play

Changes 1.02:

AI reworked [AI coordination, AI Creativity, AI free ball fight ]
Ball physics fixed issue from v1 with ball movement at some some
Movement Control [ better response on commands, keyboard users also have more control ]
Dynamic gameplay [ overall gameflow changes [in ATT/DEF,referee,positioning…] to make game more interesting ]
other small gamefixes…

Works only with 3DM. To remove gameplay just delete my exe [PES2015 – MODERNv2 – nesa24]

GAMEPLAY is for OFFLINE and it has connection check disabled for faster start-up of game.

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  1. The new Gameplay is really very good,tactics,players movements..but the control with gamepad is horrible and make it ,in my opinion, unplayable…sorry…regards

  2. i saw goalkeeper’s hand position when take a goal kick different after i use this patch. also, camera position more realistic. everything ok and nice ! thanks.

  3. How can I remove it? I uninstall the whole game and reinstall. But this time the game completely doesn’t work. Please fix this.

  4. Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

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  5. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.

    WTF ?!?! pls help me !

  6. Olá! eu não notei muita diferença na resposta ao controle, se você conseguir aumentar isto na próxima versão, ou fazer de um jeito que agente possa regular estes aspectos, seria ótimo. Obrigado.

  7. corregiur reaccion de portero se le pasan balones por debajo de la mano y antes no ocurria esto corregir lo demas esta bien

  8. Hello,
    just a question, will you do a v3 ?
    And will it include a fix to the crossbar bug ?
    75% of my shoots hit the crossbar… I tried with basic, advanced and manual shoot and it changes nothing…
    Do you guys have the same problem ?

  9. it is ridiculous to have a real need to gameplay changed the cracked version of the game. as if you can not intervene in the gameplay without crack. bought the game and patch the original game.