This is a small and simple mod, which makes the smoke bomb/flares effect in PES 2015 a little better and more vibrant, thus creating a more realistic atmosphere. Can recommend using ENB and SweetFX with it too for slightly better results.

PES 2015 Colored Flares Mod 0.1 by Pyro PES 2015 Colored Flares Mod by Pyro 3 4
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Flares only appear during pre match cutscenes in south american competitions(domestic leagues, copa libertadores and sudamericana)
So, that means you need sider by juce, and you must run it before you start your game with the mod installed, so that the cutscenes are enabled.

To install, as you can read in readme, simply add the cpk of your choice(colors below) to your PES 2015 download folder, then rebuild the DpFileList with DpFileListGenerator.

Mod works on following stadiums below. If you want to use it for another stadium, you have to replace the bins and other stadium files for the stadiums below:

Escorpiao(or olimpico or if you have estarlen silva stadium pack)
Urbano caldeira
El monumental
La Bombonera
Royal london
Burg stadium
Estadio del Nuevo Triunfo

uploaded mirrorcreator mega

To do list in case there is actually interest in this:

0.2 – improve existing colors + add few more new colors.
0.5 – add club/national/random color combinations(eg blue-yellow for boca, red-blue for barca, green-yellow brazil etc, or if someone else has some wishes and suggestions feel free to drop)
eg of red/purple/yellow
1.0 – find a way to make the cutscenes for european and asian based leagues as well, not just south american (help appreciated) as well as for all stadiums.

There you go, maybe somebody will like this and use it, so have fun if you do.

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