General Features:

– Import text file with the FM 2015 stats
– Conversion errors corrected
– Registered position and other positions added in the conversion
– Save PES stats
– Save all stats (FM and PES)
– Reset FM and PES stats
– Other improvements

Update 8.3:

– Changes in interface of PES stats
– Changes in the properties of windows

New interface:

FM to PES 2015 Converter v8.3 by spaf94




– Last version (8.2): HERE

– Update 8.3: HERE

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  1. How about you export the files and import them to the original editor? The editor don´t have players from other countries like hong kong players. :/

          • If you must know, the xls file as been released on is tool, only have players activated. If i wanna to create a hong kong league the players are not even there. That’s why i wanna see a complete tool to import original/fake players in to the game.
            I already download a patch league pack, it contains all countries in the world. How about a iraq, jamaica, fiji or New Zealand patch on PES 2015? Everything is possible, but a few people don´t make it possible :( Thanks.

  2. The formulas in rabiz_46 are my formulas. My converter it’s only for convert and save as image. I think that in the next update of rabiz_46 the editor gone have the option to import the file that import in my converter.