Dino editor is a tool to modify the database of the game. You need to open the pesdb directory.

It is a beta version so do not guarantee its smooth functioning 100%. Always make copies and if something does not work, leave feedback here.

Thanks to my tester support and encouraging me when I was sick of it. El venezolano de silicon Valley And el grande del rock Carlu

I don´t Know if Mr Starvin is yet around here. If so… How are you Friend?, Hope all fine with family and you had a Chrithmas like past year with so much alcohol!!! lol. Could I add to Credits as always m8?

A tool to manage pesdb folder, files that could be managed.
– Player.bin
– PlayerAssignment.bin
– Team.bin
– CompetitionRegulation.bin(Only for read competitions)
– CompetitionEntry.bin
– Coach.bin
– Country.bin
– Stadium.bin

All this files Must be present on folder.

What could be done?

-Manage competiton, leagues, cup, supercup etc etc., add or delete teams.

-Manage Teams. Add teams (clone an Existing one) Rename, tranfer players, Change Name, zone, Short name, stadium, coach etc etc.

-Manage Players. Change names, tranfers, dorsal, Id, Nationality etc etc. And Add players too.

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Don´t forget to push apply Changes and finally Save Changes.
Always make a backup of your files (and if you use option file you must delete or create a new one after edit to see changes).

More Screens :

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  1. I think is very helpful but can’t find the CompetitionRegulation.bin.
    In my pesdb folder its just competition?
    Can you help me with a link of pesdb folder.Where i can find this please?
    thank you

  2. I want to change the photo to coach a team. I can do with this program ?. With that program I can change the photo of a licensed coach team?

  3. Thanks a lot for this tool and for sharing it with us. Would you please make a tutorial video or at least write an explanation on how to use this tool step by step.

  4. Can you please reply to our questions ?! nobdy knows how to use this tool !!!
    -Which file we have to open?
    -In which folder we have to search for the file?
    -Does this tool work on a virgin/plain copy or we have to install a patch? …..etc.

    Thanks a lot.