PES 2015 3D Logos for PTE Patch 4.0 by Jesus Hrs

Download 3D Logos for PTE Patch 4.0 by Jesus Hrs

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Credits: Genko and Ron69

Ingame screenshots :

Logos for PTE Patch 4.0

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    • Hi Men:It´s simple,at least in my case. I only play PTEPatches because they are,by far ,the best patchs,(in my opinion)and they never give me problems in my PES.I make this patchs for my own use ,but it does not matter to me share it,i like do it.Only for that…best regards.

        • Really I don´t create them. I only to adapt them to the patch. I take the Ron69 and Genko logos and adapt them to the patch. Some times I use photoshop if the logo does not exist and try it seems others.
          Anyway with this tool you can make some things…try it…
          The tool is PES Logo Creator 2.00_Jenkey1002 (Look for it in google search) I have post the link two days ago,but web moderators still had not approved it,i´m sorry…Regards

  1. So crazy about your work mate.

    But i have problem implementing cpk’s to PTE 4.0.
    Is it the same with the way to add them on PTE 3?
    [Put in “download” folder then generate DPfilelist.bin .. ]

    I am confused since there are so many CPK in PTE 4 [ptepatch_on, ptepatch_off, etc ..] Which cpk should i check?

  2. dt80_100E.cpk
    dt80_300E.cpk (only if you have DLC 3.0)

    These files in the same order in DpFileList.bin……Regards.