PS3 PES 2015 File Edit Mod By FGR [BLUS31480 / Duplex / BLES02088] (29.12 release)

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Note for changelogs and download links you’ll see them on the pastebin page

Included instructions with each download and if you need more help check out the faq

Also that I’ll updating the pastebin pages so remember to check them regularly

Mod Feature List

List of Changelogs / updates

Edit Option Save File Data:

Extract the ps3 folder to the root of a usb then copy the save file to the ps3


dt15.cpk Mod (Official Logos)

Replaces the dt15.cpk in the USRDIR of the PES 2015 game


dt34.cpk Mod (Official Kits)

Replaces the dt34.cpk in the USRDIR of the PES 2015 game


[BDH] PES 2015 DpFileList Mod

*Replaces the one in the datapack copy this one last*


PES 2015 Official Datapacks, Updates & Backup dt cpk files

(Unofficial Updates and Mod Pack requires latest datapack and update from link above)

BDH Unofficial Update Data Pack

(to install same as datapack)


BDH Console Pitch & Graphics Mod Pack By PESMONKEY Pack:

(to install same as datapack)



Additional Information


By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

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  1. Thanks for the mod dear sir but there is a problem, sorry! Away kits on your QPR (and West Brom?) have a graphical glitch on the Premier League numbers on the backs. There might be a missing number on the QPR goalie kit too but that’s all I found so far. Maybe that was the cause of my PS3 freezing after I played a test game, due to the instability? Hope that helps? Speaking of the QPR goalie, would it be possible to change his black coloured kit for the green kit at some point? As you know, Green has worn the green (lol) kit during the last few games. One last thing, can you make available an optional DpFilelist.bin so we can choose NOT to install Pesmonkey’s mod for those who don’t want it please? The way you have it, we need to use Pesmonkey’s mod to be able to use your 3rd kit edit mod option along with Data pack 2.0. PS: how are you editing your DpFilelist.bin? Manually in a Hex editor or a tool? I tried using Baris’ 1.4 DpFilelist Editor and the .bin file created didn’t work with my PS3 (I’ll try it manually next time). Thanks!

    • Sorry sir I forgot to mention too I see there are NO Premier League badge emblems on the arms of the players where they should be. I think we would prefer to at least have that, than the new official numbers? One other minor point is your Premier League emblem should have the word Barclay’s on it, as you can see if you watch any Premier League match recently. Just a minor point of course, but I notice these things :)

    • Yeah will be doing that soon
      having 2 dpfilelist 1 for all and 1 for just the unofficial update
      (ofcourse among the official datapacks)

      Any minor issues will be fixed in the next unofficial update
      so let me know if there’s anything else

      I tried to be very careful but ofcourse there’s loads of kits ingame and its possibile to miss one or two

      Will hopefully have the ballpack sorted out soon

      • Nice work!!!! Sorry didn’t find any more probs as I had to go out. Hey I just had a thought… I wonder… if we simply rename a ballpack to “BDH_MODZ2.cpk” (previously pesmonkey’s mod) that should work perfect with your latest DpFilelist.bin, surely?! Haha yeah man, I’m trying it tonight with danyy77’s latest ballpack! :D

        • files are slightly different for consoles and pc
          image files are the pretty much exact same but other files are different as in completely or compressed differently so doing that won’t work it would freeze, you would need to edit some files to make them work

          but anyways I’m very close to finishing my unofficial update should be this week if no issue rises the balls will be from v3.0 by ron69

          • Arrghh.. yes you are absolutely right… man! what jobsworth sadist fascist at Konami decided to make it so “deliciously” frustrating for us to mod this by encrypting it all!? Hey you know what’d be cool justice for Konami? I don’t think he’d be very happy if someone could actually get *this* PC mod working on PS3: yes that’s right matey, “entrance cutscenes =1” heh :D

  2. Uploaded a new version of the unofficial update v3.0
    which fixes the issues that cisse mentioned and others people said on other forums

    havent done the badges on the arms yet as i felt some of the other issues were more urgent that needed to be fixed

    also added the ballpack by ron69 but not latest version of the ballpack as when after I finished he released a new version then when i done my recent 3.0 changes of other things (dt34 dt15 and savedata) the old unofficial update caused issues so thats why i releasing this now to fix those, sadly havent finishing editing his v3.0 ballpack for consoles yet thats why it isn’t in this release but hopefully will this week or next depends

  3. Updated the dpfilelist to v3-0
    basically I added another dpfilelist so there’s two

    1 with the pitch & graphics mod
    2 without the pitch & graphics mod

    so if you have any issues with pitches or freezing try it
    or if you dont like the pitch etc… then try it

    if not and you like the pitch & graphics mod then use the one with it

  4. Happy New Year my friend, thank you for the updates and the ballpack!! Amazing work!!!! I have just one last request, could you possibly direct me to a tutorial or site where I can learn how to save .cpk files in PS3 mode? I mean, I can load and manipulate the .cpk files in Jenkey’s File Explorer but when it comes to saving the finished .cpk it seems that yes, like you say, the DDS textures (or something else like zlib?) needs to be in a particular compression mode to work. All I wanted to do from the beginning was just change a single texture on one of the existing WEPES balls so I can use the correct ball in a match when I like. I can swap the textures over in Jenkey’s prog no problem, but it’s the actual saving in the right format that escapes me and I have to admit it’s driving me crazy heh. I managed to do it a couple of years ago in an old PES but I think that’s when we had the kitserver in a different format and it made editing textures much easier. I did the same thing in FIFA 12 by editing just one of the existing balls in the PC version and copying the file to my PS3 USDIR folder on my USB, but I don’t have the tools I used before or remember exactly how I did it, oh well. Take care and thanks again for everything!

    • I have updated the Additional Information & FAQ which will hopefully give some help and information in general on editing for people

  5. Link is working fine for me

    I did consider having the ball pack as separate file but the reason I did that put them together is to have less cpk files considering it’s not a big filesize both together and I didn’t want to confuse people by having too many files
    It’s better this way for me and the people wanting to use the mod

  6. First of all
    Updated added v3.1 of the dt34 & the with various improvements and a fix
    in the dt34 v3.0 I accidently misplaced the back white number of premier league it was that which caused a few issues with the kits that used it
    other than that some kits are improved like Arsenal added Real Madrid kit (world club champion) added fc tokyo and more
    savedata added fc tokyo and a few other minor adjustments
    I know I’ll have to update the dt15 later to add a few logos cant say when I’ll do but probably soon

    Unless if there’s something I missed in v3.1 of the dt34 I’m hoping it’ll be my last version for a good while as I’m not gonna be working on this as much, I’m not quiting or anything but for me the only leagues I care about is the Premier League & Championship, others I do for you guys and because at the start the mod was quite popular but recently for the past few weeks downloads and interest have been a bit poor and its hard for me to work on something that isn’t really for me and when there wasn’t that many people downloading, I hope it improves to what it was like before but again I’m not quiting but if it continues like this then releases won’t be as regular (probably when a datapack releases)
    but like I said I hope that’s not the case and hopefully I’ll release regular updates as long as there’s good interest in the mod

    I noticed a lot of people on various forums (where i posted or pm’s) on youtube & twitter etc… have been asking me questions on how to mod pes 15 please understand that my threads aren’t a tutorial or a place where for you to ask about how to mod pes 15,
    this is a place to get a mod for pes 15 which I put together, there’s places out there to find out info or to ask.
    Its a bit about trial and error too so you learn bit by bit from it
    I have updated the Additional Information which lists the programs I used and have updated the FAQ telling some things too, I won’t be going into it in great detail but I listed a few places where you can get help and programs to use if interested in modding, great for a start
    and i will updating both the faq and additional information with more later

    And Last
    the next two things will be the dt15 and a new unofficial update
    then after that bit by bit I’ll be updating the save data
    But I can’t say when exactly that I’ll release these

    If there’s any kit that you feel should be improved let me know and I’ll consider it

    Anyways I hope you guys enjoys this and stay tuned!

    • Hello,i’m having a problem,after i replace the dt15 and dt34 in pes user directory,when i launch pes it says data is corupted you must delete game data utility,i’m having ODE,thanks!