[PES 2015 PC] PES Next-Gen Editor 2015 Alpha 0.4.0

Planned features:

– Players Editor
– Transfers Editor with Drag & Drop function
– Teams Editor
– Export/import players
– Export/import teams
– League editor
– League structure editor
– Global settings [Adjust team/players name in lowercase/uppercase]

Credits: Alby #17; cabry; coragi; PrinçipeDade; SMcCutcheon; zioborgo.

Download PES Next-Gen Editor 2015 Alpha 0.4.0 Download PES Next-Gen Editor 2015 Alpha version 0.4.0

Planned releases:

[Alpha 0.4.0] – Released 12/06/2014

– Players Editor
– Transfers Editor with Drag & Drop function

uploaded zippyshare mirrorcreator

[Alpha 0.5.0]
– Teams Editor

[Alpha 0.6.0]
– Export/import players

[Alpha 0.7.0]
– Export/import teams

[Alpha 0.8.0]
– League editor
– League structure editor

[Beta 0.9.0]
– Global settings

[Release 1.0.0]
– Bug fixing

[Release 1.1.0]
– FM Stats importer

[Release 1.2.0]
– PSD Stats importer

Some combined abilities and overall are wrong in these pictures. We’re still working on…

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  1. tio pero tu aplicacion esta muy cruda no se puede buscar nombres se mueve algo y se cierra corregir todo eso esta hasta ahora mal

  2. Merci.

    J’attends ce type de logiciel depuis la sortie de PES. Je veux modifier beaucoup la base de données.

    J’attends avec impatience ” Global settings”.

    Avez-vous un calendrier pour les sorties des différentes versions ?


    Thank you.

    I expect this type of software from the PES output. I want to change a lot the database.

    I look forward to “Global settings”.

    Do you have a timetable for the outputs of the different versions?

    • I don’t know but on jenkey’s blog he said he wanted to kill himself… and we didn’t hear anything else after that!!!! :(

      • Is not him, is a troll upthere giving that fake words.
        Please leave jenkey alone, maybe is married and it have a lot to do with is familly. Sigh.

        • no manuel, i’m afraid cisse is right. that is his last update on his blog. who else if it’s not him.
          but i guess jenkey is just tired with modding world, we all have real problems in real life.

  3. please .. in UEFA League i choosed more than two teams and when they met with each other i couldn’t let the computer play with one of them .. it’s just has to played with two players … is there any way to change it ?

  4. Looks like a great tool,

    For my BAL save, i became too good in every position, now i am a 95 LWF but being played in the RB position. I would love to be able to unlearn those new positions lol!!

    Maybe in the future

  5. Hi guys

    Thanks for your great tool, but i can’t download it, could u please upload it somewhere else or even e-mail me.

    thanks a lot

  6. i used this for the galaxy patch but it seems it have bugs. when i choose dortmund, both nuri sahin & ji dong won became “r. dunne”. is it the patch or the editor?

  7. I would like to ask if somebody knows if i can use my own team that I had on pes 2014 to pes 2015.
    Mostly I care about the players with their stats.