Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Xbox360 The Return of the Kings Patch Update v2.2 by Petriz & Tibinator: in this PES2015 work petriz and I, so hopefully this is one or if not the best patch XBOX360, except that divide the work, petriz take care of the most important but tedious time is edited by the editor internal & I with my limited time point ire seeing things as I saw in my previous patch.

PES 2015 Xbox360 The Return of the Kings Patch Update v2.2


* English Premier League (100% kits)
* SkyBet Championship (100% kits)
* Serie A (Fix Kits & Other Things)
* Series B (Fix Kits & Other Things)
* Erediviese (Fix Kits & Other Things)
* La Liga (Fix Kits & Other Things)
* Liga Adelante (Fix Kits & Other Things)
* Liga ZON Sagres * (100% kits)
* Bundesliga (100% kits, stats, squads)
* MX League (100% kits, stats, squads)
* J.League (100% kits, stats, squads)
* Other Europe (Aggregate Equipment features of the Europa League and / or Champions)
* Other America (Aggregates more teams)

Structure Leagues & Competitions: (None of these changes affect ML / BAL mode)

* UEFA Champions League with 32 teams in the 2014-2015 Season
* UEFA Europe League with 48 teams in the 2014-2015 Season


* +40 Balls and assigned by liga.- (New + original)
* 100 Boots (New + original)
* Adboards generic for each league + some by device.
* Faces adapted from PC
* Improved graphics
* Change all game Shields
* Logos of the Federation + original flags in public.

Things to do / research:
* Convert and operated at 100% stadiums PC

Option file for the Release v2.2:
Here are the Stats, remember, so to speak version of EDIT to go throwing need not be correlated to the patch version, dates‘ll add this file to know well what is the most current: 30 – 11-2014 : HERE


– National Team have problems with NAME and NUMBER on the back, was solved in the next version.
– Bug in other european appear 2 times the arsenal … does not affect the game.

inside are 1.1, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2 update + edit :

uploaded uploaded uploaded uploaded

or mediafire: VERSION 1.1, VERSION 2.0, VERSION 2.1, VERSION 2.2


– Game PES2015 for XBOX360
– UT1 (from your region play PES2015 – your encontras in here in this forum WeBrothers)
– KONAMI DLC 1.0 (in the DLC package you have 2 files: dpfilelist and dt80_100E => Somente USE THE dt80_100E !!!!)
– Patch Tibinator and Petriz, TROK1.bin and TROK2.bin files (now you should use the patch dbfilelist NOT USE the dpfilelist Konami DLC !!!)
– Insert the edit.bin (the Option File deste game.

=> You must delete the OF and past issues of your PES 2015 patch does not affect Tibinator and Petriz. ;)

You can insert files with the prorgama “Horizon”. It worked perfect for me. ;)

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  1. Bundesliga still remains unchanged,I want to ensure if my installation is correct. I just deleted every previous things from Horizon and injected new edit.bin , dp_filelist.bin , trok_v1 & trok_v2..It was supposed to fix Bundesliga(KITS are fine but not the squads,player’s faces, and their stats) :/ ! Thank you Petriz & Tibinator,you guys are life saver. Hoping for a quick response!

  2. Hey can anyone post a proper english tutorial? This google-translated stuff just doesnt make any sense to me…

  3. Hi !
    Someone help me .
    i can’t understand the tutorial , it was not clear .
    please make a full tutorial for beginners . . .

  4. I have the same problem – ‘edit data is from a different version’. Any ideas what this means and how I can overcome it? I might end up having to use another patch and I’d love to use this one!

    • you need to rehash and resave his files into yours before placing the files, just google horizon for xbox360, lots of tutorials in youtube too

        • Rehashed and resaved files but still told that edit data is from a different version – but when I was given the option to save over it, was warned that I’d be overwriting the same sort of data, which makes no sense. Has anyone else experienced this?

          • the save files of his contain his save his master league or career (I think?) which is cannot be copied, if you did managed to rehashed and saved his files (option files, edit files,etc)replaced them under your numerial game console and ID then it should work, I proved it right on mine or you might missing something during rehashed and resaved them to yours. If it ask to overwrite the same files meaning you still have your old option files inside your HDD you can just overwrite them with the one you had rehash. and put the that cpk files inside the PES 15 game folder on your HDD (will need file manager or FSD) not in the content folder. I asume you are on RGH xbox right and boot the game from HDD?

          • same here. i have no idea. could it be, because i am playing the european PAL version and the data was created with another version?
            rehashed and resaved everything but it just doesn’t work. i still get told that the edit data is from another version…

  5. Working good mate on my RGH, awesome mods! Kits are all perfect and done, but yes still need to fix that national teams fonts and numbering… other than this is the second best mods after carluchirock. Following your next update mate!

  6. oi gostaria de saber como ativar as chuteiras e as bolas e os jogadores de alguns dos outros times europeus esta com o nome dummy

  7. i finally figured out how to make the game accept the data but all i get are lots of north london teams without players but “dummies” instead….no new teams or leagues….what am i doing wrong?

  8. Very thanks my firned, the patch is excellent… The shields of the national teams are awesome. Excuse me, when arrives up the final version?

  9. i have the same problem of different version , can any one help me ? i installed pack 1,03 , and still the same problem , any help ?? i wish if you give me a beginner tutorial !