PES 2015 Xbox360 Option File v2 by Johncenawwe

Download Xbox360 Option File v2 by Johncenawwe


– Updated all the names of the teams of the Barclays Premier League, Sky Bet Championship, Liga ZON Sagres and Serie B
– Added the Logos in all competitions [NEW]
– Updated names of all Leagues and Cups
– Updated all logos of the teams of the Barclays Premier League, Sky Bet Championship, Serie B and Primiera League [NEW]
– Created the Bundesliga [NEW]
– Added the logos for all teams Bundesliga [NEW]
– Added the entire team the Hamburger SV with relevant statistics [NEW]
– Place all the uniforms to the team of the Barclays Premier League [NEW]
– Place the Uniforms: Avellino, Bari, Bologna, Brescia, Carpi, Crotone, Frosinone, Latina, Livorno, Modena, Perugia, Pescara, Spezia [NEW]
– Names updated of all the coaches of the teams of the Barclays Premier League, Sky Bet Championship, Ligue 1, Serie A, Serie B, Eredivisie, LIGA BBVA and Liga ZON Sagres
– Added photos of Luis Enrique, Benitez, Ventura, Ancelotti, Simeone and all the coaches of the Barclays Premier League [NEW]
– Updated all names of the Stages
– Modified some Tribune of the Stages of Serie A with Internal Editor
– Added Rivalries in the Barclays Premier League and Serie A
– Updated more than 20 Faces with Internal Editor

More INFO inside :


C. White thank you for giving me the uniforms of the teams in Serie B
Thank you for sharing xCavani95x Borussia Dortmund

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  1. actually this is the only patch that works on my xbox….tha return of the kings patch and the sytle patch don’t work because i alway gat the message that the edit data is from another version when i try to load it (and yes, i rehashed and resaved)….

  2. PLEASE can you help me John!! I followed everything step by step but all of the patch in this website didn’t work include your patch! :((

    First, I installed the game to my hard drive, then I copied your patch to USB via Horizon, then continue to copy the patch to hard drive but I found the pop-up “Replace all items” when you paste the patch didn’t appear like every previous PES I’d done! The patch still could paste to hard drive but everything didn’t change!

    I think the reason of this problem is I didn’t receive the pop-up “Replace all items” when I paste the patch to hard drive right? Please help me if you figure out any solution dude.. I really love this game! :'<

      • Oh of course yes! I’ve had the DLC 1.00, because if I’m not, it’ll show the pop-up “data is from a different version”.. So I’m using the DLC 1.00 definitely with all the updates of it.. The main thing that I wonder is why when do the same thing with the previous PESs, it says “Replace all items” but on my PES 2015, it’s not! Please help me if you know anything that I missed. Thank you very much! :(

        • But you had installed some other patches? Anyway deletes all files Pes 2015, except Title Update, the DLC and the system file and follow my guide. For another thing, but you already had the v1 of my file options?

          • Nah, I havent had it yet.. Haizz, still cant do it bro! :( I think there are something wrong with my game so I cant see the pop-up “Replace all items” when pasting the patch to hard drive like it has to be.. Maybe I should give up haizz :'(

  3. Hey, a have some problem.
    I’ve do everything good with horizon and I copy files to my xbox. When I start PES i see “data is from a different version”. I check my version is 1.00. It should by that version, wright? Can U help me? Sorry for english :P

  4. hey mate can you do a sider like Juce did for PC
    can you do it for xbox 360
    we play offline competitions and we dont want to play against cpu we want to switch sides and play against each other
    can this be done

    • Now I have no time, if your problem is that you download an .exe file, you must first remove the tick and then download my Option File

  5. John,

    can you tell me if there’s going to be a full bundeliga patch? And if yes, when will that happen?
    tnx for your effort and a Merry Christmas!

    • Yes, there will be a OF with the Bundesliga Complete, an exact date there is still not .For the moment I added the kit of Hamburger SV and I’m creating players in all teams

  6. JohnCena brahhhh I knew the problem which I’ve gottttt!!! Could you have me to solve this plzzz!!
    When I use Horizon to copy the patch to USB, all files in the patch changed to Spanish! (e.g: EDIT.bin -> Dati di Modifica; Coach 001 -> Manager photo 001; UNIFORM 001 -> Strip data 001…)
    That’s why I didn’t receive the pop-up “Replace all items” when pasting the patch to hardrive! PLEASE HELP ME BRO!!! :((((((

    • Then, the files are so called because I’m Italian. However you had the v1 of my OF? Because the popup “want to replace all the elements” should come out only if you have the v1. However Do this: Delete all files rescue pes 2015 except DLC, the patch 1.02 and the file system, then enter my OF, so it should work :)

  7. Hey bro, I wanna know if I can make sort of downgrade to DLC 1.0 because I’ve installed DLC 2.0, It’s just for being able to install this patch. Or I’d like to know when it is gonna be available for DLC 2.0. Thanks a lot :D.

  8. Hey John great patch but i have a problem.
    I dont get all of bundesliga team emblem.
    The team emblem that i didnt get is FC Augsburg and hamburger sv.