PES 2015 PTE Patch 2.0 Full Bundesliga 2014 – 2015

Download PES 2015 PTE Patch 2.0

Features :

– Full Bundesliga – Kits (with correct configs), lineups, squads, stats, back numbers, managers, home ground… (the faces are not all correct yet)
– Updated kits for Premier League – Templates, configs
– Added new kits: Burnley, Leicester, Hull City, Crystal Palace, Everton and Belgium
– Full kits for National Teams (with correct configs)
– Full kits for SkyBet Championship (I will update all this kits in the next versions)
– Referee kits for Premier League, Liga BBVA, Serie A, Ligue 1, Eredivisie, Bundesliga – available via switch
– Pesmonkey Pitch and Weather Mod – Available via switch
– Commentator names for all Premier League, Championship and Bundesliga teams
– Real managers, with images, for Premier League, Championship, Liga BBVA and Liga Adelante
– Real adboards for all Premier League teams (except Burnley, Leicester and QPR), Milan, Inter, Juventos, Napoles, Bundesliga, Dortmund, Bayern, Leverkusen, Schalke 04, Liga BBVA, Barcelona, Real Madrid and global adboards.
– Real player names for the National Teams.


Credits :

Konami, Jenkey, Julian Cames, moody, sxsxsx, Starvin, Smeagol75, PES Logos, RIVUZZA, FoxtrotYankee, hernancrespo9, blaugrana_82, Megatrom, graememilan, paul2478, NemanjaBRE, Tunevi, Santy Argentina, Thenamesjer, A7med SB, Kolia V, randerscheinung, iGo, Antonio-AHA, arturo, mikrof28, Alepes, Abiel, Wuguernalt, JorgeCabral, cRoNoSHaCk, pesmonkey2013, Zikint, Grkan, Majuh

Special thanks to “sonjiru”, for the help with the Bundesliga.

PTE Team : mota10 – pesmaniacos – mentorman13

Compatible online. Doesn’t work with 1.01.01 update.

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    • in pes 2014 i was playing with more than two teams in uefa championsleague and when i met with my team i could make the COM play with my other team … there’s no way in pes 15 to do this ? please help me

    • I have a problem… when extraction started I have this…::: ]Browse : PTE PATCH 2.1Setup.exe. The file is corrupt.rar You need had following volume to continue extraction : insert a disc with this volume and press ok…

  1. Fantastic job. Without a doubt the best patch up to now.Great quality and reliability. Many options via switch. Amazing.
    The King is dead (Pesedit), long life to new King PTE. Thanks a lot again… Regards.

  2. what i have to do when it says “data unable to load because the data is from a different version” & all the game content are outdated before 1st dlc? i already install the patch & the fix files, can somebody help me…

    • download HexEditor , and work to the DpFileList.bin(open it with HexEditor “HeX”).Try some tutorials in youtube to learn how to work on HexEditor ,. It;s pretty easy . Do as it says in the tutorial . Maybe this patch cannot play with your old version gameplay you have first installed the game . Hope to have helped a little . Good day mate !

      • thanks my friend. but it seems it just me who placed the patch in the wrong folder.. the patch is great, working good now. but it just the bundesliga player doesn’t build well.

      • @kris

        What do you mean?
        “Maybe this patch cannot play with your old version gameplay you have first installed the game”

        Is there a patch, what doesn’t change my Gameplay?

        • Do you have downloaded the game at first , or you have the original one ? If you have downloaded it , it could be not the original and as it is , it could not be compatible with every PATCH ! I’ve deleted 3 Patches till now , because they are not compatible with some stadiums & adboards updates (patches). It seams SUN-Patch & PTE Patch are the best till now . Hope to have right !

  3. Can you even add Skybet League 1 and League 2 in your next release?
    It will be fun to get Skybet League 2 side in Premier League via promotion :)

  4. Right I’ve installed and added fix too, kits all fine , but when I use the PTE icon to change=apply ref kits pitch mod I pick one option and press Apply I get this … Unhanded exception has occurred in your application. I’ve checked a few , set Italian ref kits and played an EPL exbit match – yellow top black/dark blue ? shorts FIFA badge and I think a Fair Play badge on sleeve. Same ref kit in EPL and Italian exbit games and EPL league set up.

    As I said all the kits are there but doesn’t look as though the different ref kits are .. I though may be picking a certain ref kit would take even though I got that Unhanded exception error box .. I hit continue anyway but it seems for some reason I get that UNHANDED error box I pick weather and then took rain in an Exbit game but just looked the same … what is the new weather supposed to do , look like ?

  5. you dont need instruction if you know with computers! you only need to download all and install in the fuckin.g folder! omg! :)

  6. I never put a comment, but just for this patch i will. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST PATCH I EVER-EVER TRIED, even better than Tuga Vicio´s, or Super Patches, Power PATCHES. The ADS are great, The team badges specially their quality !! And kits and all by far the best patch for now. There are a few details missing as coaches names on some national teams, and other things but you can add them by yourself. Just want to thank sincerely all the authors, and the great work they did. Don’t forget to install the FIX PATCH AS WELL!! THE BEST PATCH TILL NOW.

  7. BEST PATCH for PES 2015 so far.

    Seems we had found the next Patch!

    Is it possible to add the 2.Bundesliga in the next Patch?

    Would be awesome!

  8. Great Work Guys!

    I love this Patch, since i just spent 5 Minutes playing it.

    It would be great if you can add some more Leagues like the 2.League of Germany.
    Would love to play this in Meisterliga!

    Keep on!

  9. PTE PATCH is the new Pesedit, the best patch.
    No bugs or wrongs kits (Copa Sudamericana kits its ok), and the adboards are amazing!.

  10. in pes 2014 i was playing with more than two teams in uefa championsleague and when i met with my team i could make the COM play with my other team … there’s no way in pes 15 to do this ? please help me

  11. I did set up the patch but nothing seems to be changed. The game stays the same. No kits, no real names or anything… What’s the problem?

  12. Re paides mpravo sas para polly kali douleia …. Exw dyo themata na pw to ena einai otan vazw tin mitriki mas elliniki glwssa ta kanei ola poutana to patch sas dld mou grafei p.x. tin dortmund – pes giounaited k genika afinei ola ta onomata twn agglikwn omadwn opws einai ala konami london fc north london man mplou k alla tetoia mipws yparxei kamia epilogi enw otan to gyrnaw sta agglika ola mia xara . to deftero thema einai tha kataferete na vgalete kanena patch se stil ps4 dld na exei ta intros tis entekades parataksei k eleos tous coaches na fainontai mesa sto teren tou gipedou gt twra einai apla adeia pedia tpt allo enw sto ps4 kinountai fwnazoun panigiriOun . afta apo emena efxaristw para polli k perimeno apantisi sas an sas einai efkolo

  13. Fantastic guys, I have 1.01.01 and it seems to be working fine with a manual install, look forward to later releases of this :-)

  14. Do you guys have the OPTIONS working ? As in Ref Uniforms and Pitch Mod ? I get an error when I hit apply .. Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. Anyone else get this when trying to apply any of the 3 options? if you know of a fix please let me know .. thanks.

  15. From what I can see this patch is very good.

    What is the fix for though? I haven’t applied it and everything seems fine?

  16. Muy bueno pero quisiera saber si se puede deshabilitar la selección de lados para jugar entre dos una competición (disable controller selection check). gracias

  17. overall, this patch is great. but one weakness this patch had is the bundesliga player. too many default generic edit mode faces (basic unedited face). even the hair too. some player even made from the edit player slot, they should just edit the fake player. if the pte team solve this stuff than this patch are unarguably “the new pesedit”. cheers.

  18. Nice job, congratulations!!!

    Is there any chance to add the third kit for Manchester United (Blue uniform)?

  19. Follow these steps to the letter – you can’t go wrong.Things you need –PC/MacUSB Stick / unpacker (e.g winRAR or 7zip, I’d go for 7zip) http://www.7-zip.orgAnd obviously PS3, hands, controller, you get the idea..First check which version to download, BLES for Europe, BLUS for United States, BLAS for Asia – check the side of your case to make sure.While it downloads onto your computer, set up your USB stick. Insert into your computer, then click ‘my computer’ or wherever you find your USB on your operating system. You need to have an empty USB stick so you make want to make a copy of anything you had on it previously. Then right click your USB stick, click ‘Format’ then make sure it’s set to FAT32, then let that format.Then in your USB stick, create a folder called “PS3″, and inside that folder create another folder called “SAVEDATA”.Then open up the downloaded files in 7zip, go to the folder where there are lots of option files, press Ctrl+A to select all, then drag them over to the “SAVEDATA” folder on your USB stick, it’ll take a minute or two depending on your system.Once that has done, take your USB stick to your PS3, shove it in the USB slot. Go to the games sub-menu, symbolized by a controller usually. Go to “Game Data Utility” folder, then at the top of the list you should see your USB stick, go to it, then press triangle and ‘Select All’, and then copy! That’ll take another couple minutes to copy over and then you’re all done.Any questions just ask 

  20. Getting “data unable to load because the data is from a different version” plz help.Even fix is not working,if it is due to DpFileList.bin then plz give that file.Thank you in advance..

  21. i have wrong emblems and kits in bundesliga, the rest is fine. And i installed it in steam/steamapps/common/PES2015/download so in the download folder how it is said here.
    I try te reinstall it again.

  22. I solved the problem. When you install the patch you only should pick PES 2015 in steam and not PES 2015/download. Someone write it wrong in his comment. YOur patch is very good

    • disable antivirus and then install again ..
      PS:you may need to install game again if you are unable to recover the file steam_api.dll
      to recover it double click on the antivirus you use..their may be an option of “reports” on it ..then quarintine reports on it and then you’ll see the file ..right click on it and click on “restore”..add it to exclusion list..

  23. this is the best patch since now. but

    i like you patcher to correct these below.

    1) Russia national team goalkeeper jersey is old style.not 2014

    2) China national team jersey are old style. not 2014

    3) Australlia national team number for jersey can’t be found.

    4) Serie B jerseys & world team……if possible..

    thank you for the patch….

  24. hello, southampton is my favorite club. adboards for southampton not bill_textlist.xml is folder name is no saint southampton

  25. I’m trying to edit just one of the kits on this patch, unfortunately every time I save a new version in CPK Explorer the game doesn’t load. Does anyone have any idea why this is? Even saving petpatch.cpk unaltered after I’ve opened it in the Explorer does this. It’s driving me half insane.


  26. Hi guys,I installed this patch and it works great, but in Bundesliga clubs have some weird logo, like pes united,etc… Only bayern, schalke and bayer have real logo, everything is good, club names, league names,jersey… just bundesliga teams logo…. Can you please help me and tell me how to fix it.
    Thanks :)

  27. I found one error.

    you play chelsea team,and join the champions league,

    you can see tthe location of the patch for left arm is weird.

    there may be some teams have the same error. please check and correct them

    and once again, PTE patch is the best and

    I have been waiting for the next patch~

  28. I think this is the best patch for those not playing weaker leagues. Excelent job but its still just as major leagues/teams patch.

    Hope you can do this for every league/team, with stats revised in all too. If so you will be, by far, the best team out there.


  30. Online games always stop during some corners or throw balls… sometimes I can play 25 minutes of a match others 30 others 12… “due to an unknown error” Anyone with the same problem?

    • I have the same problem: “this match will be abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances”. Did you manage to solve it?

  31. I installed the patch and trying to add ROn69 boot pack but seems like it cant work together with the patch. Here is what I’ve tried:

    1. Installed patch – Works
    2. Installed patch then add boot pack – boot pack worked but patch not
    3. Installed boot pack only – Works
    4. Installed boot pack then installed patch – patch work but boot pack not

    any idea?

  32. Please add as match stadiums you can and PLEASE FIX the SCHEDULES & FIXTURES in LA LIGA BBVA as they ACTUALLY are THIS SEASON 2014-2015 ! THANX !! :)

    • Make sure you patch PTE in C://Program Files/Konami/Pro Evolution folder (so the FIX Patch , too) and edit correctly the DpFileList in the download folder in C:// …../…/PEs15/download folder . Before all that unistall all the previous patches (if you had one) and make sure to back up dpfilelist first , then edit it , then copy the edited one to the pes /download folder , try the game


  34. I have a full list of stadiums for the teams in your patch but can’t post them here as it’s too big… is there somewhere I can send them to you?

  35. l have only play da demo. It’s seems good. i wonder what da original version will look like.if da gud pacth Is involved. It will be like pes 13 reloaded.

  36. hello.

    Whell will be the next update?
    Great patch. Thank you. in the next update
    could you make the faces of Ramsey,Arteta,D.Martinez, Flamini,Francis Coquelin too
    Would you make video of making faces?

    Emirates stadium??

    Could you put these players Hector Bellerin,Gedion Zelalem,Chuba Akpom,Isaac Hayden ,in the game too . please write me soon

    • agree with Csaba
      emirate stadium, not enirate…..

      but,,, thanks for PES 2015 PTE Patch 2.0
      this a great patch i’ve tried

  37. hello.

    Whell will be the next update?
    Great patch. Thank you. in the next update
    could you make the faces of Ramsey,Arteta,D.Martinez, Flamini,Francis Coquelin too
    Would you make video of making faces?

    Emirates stadium??

    Could you put these players Hector Bellerin,Gedion Zelalem,Chuba Akpom,Isaac Hayden ,in the game too . please write me soon

  38. I’am facing a trouble since the day of release!!!!
    I can’t download the data pack never (1 OR 2)..its say: unexpected problem while communicating with pes2015 servers!!!!so unfortunately I cant play online !!!so its still demo not a CD …from a ps3 pes2015 user

    If there is no solution. any one tell me if I can download the data pack from the internet and install it to my ps3. moreover, if that’s done,,can I olay online with this downloaded data pack!!?.any information or links!!


  40. I have a problem. I have started BAL before installing any patch, now the English Premier League and Bundesliga have correct team names, competition names and kits but the team logos are still game default. When I start the new BAL everything is OK but in my save is not. Can I fix this without starting again?