PES 2015 PS3 paul2478 option file v2 bles blus blas 27 november 2014

The update contains all the new files as well as everything from the original file, if you already have the original I still suggest overwriting everything as a few files have changed. Sorry but there are no Serie B kits as I had planned, but here is what is in…

PES 2015 PS3 paul2478 option file v2 bles blus blas

SkyBET Championship
All teams now have the correct kits, rivals, stadium & manager, The managers are those that are in the game, so for example Fulham’s manager is Felix Magath. I will wait to see if managers are updated in the next data pack, if they are then the new manager will have their name corrected & if not I will change the existing manger to the current one. There are no images for the managers who have been sacked or resigned.

Primeira Liga
All teams now have the correct kit, rivals, stadium & manager. I’m no expert on the the league so if you think I have missed a rival let me know.

National Teams
All player names have been fixed, Argentina, England & Japan have the correct kits, manager & stadium.

Other than that I have improved a few PL kits and cup emblems. I have also recovered a few more preset faces such as Shinji Kagawa.

The next update will be hopefully be out in a couple of weeks, it will have the Serie B kits, more NT kits & the Bundesliga.

You need the latest Konami Data Pack v1.00 for it to work, if you get a error saying can’t load because you have a different version this is the problem




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  1. wow… no comments on the actual mod content yet?? at least i will say thanks! the rest of you, this isn’t a help forum. suggest you use google.

  2. Thanks for doing this, it’s really good! My question is, if you don’t mind me asking, can you please add some new balls in your next version? For example, we usually never get the Official Premier League Yellow Hi Viz balls. I managed to add this myself with an editor in an old version of PS3 PES and it worked great (copied a PC mod over to the PS3), but since the file format has changed now I am not too sure how to do it. Yet :)

  3. How do you install the option file im having a nightmare! I downloaded all 3 of the above links and winziped them and all 3 are on my USB stick and each edit has its own file with the editdata in it. I go to savedgamedata on my ps3 open the usb drive and it say no saved data can be found. Can anyone help me with this its clearly im doing something wrong!

    • First you need to identify which version you have……… If its a hard copy, it will say on the side of the box, or if its digital then which country are you in…………let me know and ill give you a run down

    • I just find how it works .. when u create folder namet ps3 in the usb u have to change the name of the other folder paul…. in SAVEDATA .. that is. ;)

  4. I downloaded the OFile,Bles and I unzip in a folder named PS3 in usb and I put in the ps3 but doesn’t show nothing .. says that I don’t have saved data . I wrong something ? can u help me? thanks .answer here or on email.

  5. Dear Paul,
    have another version of bles 02089, how can i get this patch working for me?
    Is there any way?
    Thanks for your feedback in advance..

  6. I also downloaded de file and, at the beginning, there were no files showing. Then, I did like ilcho said and inside de PS3 folder, I created a SAVEDATA folder, with all the files inside. Perfect! I have the option file running. ;)

    I noticed that in the Primeira Liga, CS Marítimo and CD Nacional back shirt publicity is on the upper part of the shirt, as well as the players names. It is only needed to put “CORAL” sign on the low part of the shirt.

    Apart from this, fantastic work!!! Brilliant Option file! Congratulations!

  7. I downloaded all 3 versions and all 3 say corrupt data when trying to copy to ps3, yet if I go into pictures the pictures there.. Help please

  8. Today I play PES 15 and it says it need to update, I do so then my version is Data Pack 1.01.00. But as above you said it is for v. 1.00, I copy all of your files including the Edit data file, then the game said I have a different version of game (I sure I am using BLUS and downloaded the correct BLUS patch v2 above of you). So is your patch v.2 work for the latest updated game (until today December 15th 2014) or I have to wait for another patch from you. Or should I erase all of my update to orginal game and use your patch v.1 which released about a month ago? I am very confused.

  9. Paul,
    Great patch once again but just to inform you Japanese kit hasn’t been updated to real version and so is shinji kagawa”s face!!!

    • Also Japan”s current coach is javier Aguirre, Mexican and formation is 4-3-3!
      Other Japanese player names Havent be changed like you wrote on your description of edit…

  10. After a lot of difficulty, I managed to copy everything to my ps3. But when I loaded up the game, it said ‘Unable to load because data is from a different version. Download new contents to update data.’

    I used the correct version (BLES – I’m in Europe), so I’m not sure what’s wrong.

  11. Hi, I’m having trouble with getting the option file. I’ve downloaded the file, copied it from my USB to saved game data on PS3 but still can’t get the right kits when i load the game. Do I need to do anything once the game is loaded, in the settings/edit area? Does the game need to be installed on the PS for it to work

  12. Just follow the blog of Paul2478, then you will notice there’s an update version of BLES, BLUS and BLAS of December 20th 2014. You will nee this one if you have updated PES 2015 PS3 to Datapack 2.0.
    It’s working fine then.
    By the way, Paul2478’s OF’s are always really great and working properly if you install it correctly.

  13. hi paul.sry to disturb.i downloaded the patch and its very good but im having one problem.the premier league emblem and kits for premiership teams remain the same.what should i do.thanks.