PES 2015 PS3 paul2478 Option File bles blus blas Release 20 December 2014

The new update is out now for BLES/BLUS/BLAS. It is fully compatible with Data Pack 2.00 (if you haven’t already download the data pack before adding this), contains every file again (so you will need to say yes when asked to overwrite) and contains…

Download PES 2015 PS3 paul2478 Option File 20 December 14

Serie B
All kits, managers, rival clubs and stadiums have now been added. A big thanks to Zsolt for letting me use his team imports to add the kits quickly.

All teams have correct kits, managers, emblems, rival clubs and stadiums. Almost all players have been added (10 or so reserve players are missing) with correct stats, nationalities and positions. There are currently only a few appearances done.

Other European Teams
Celtic and Brondby have been added, no kits for Brondby yet, but the players are all correct for both teams as are the emblems.

Campeonato Brasileiro
Thanks to Julio Tonello all players now have the correct name. This is only for the original teams and not Copa Libertadores/Copa Sudamericana duplicate teams. I’m still hopeful that they will all be fixed in a future Konami data pack.

National Teams
Kits have been added for Austria, Belgium and Chile.

Classic Teams
As I warned earlier I have started to use some of the classic players to create current players. The rest will be replaced in future updates, the same goes for duplicate NT players.

There are probably a few other things as well that I have forgotten. In the next update I will start fixing any issues with existing kits and add appearances for the Bundesliga players. I will also add Malmo along with two other teams to the Other European Teams, I don’t want suggestions, I will decide on them myself in the next few days.

Enjoy, Paul.







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  1. File Blocked for Violation.
    The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service.

    // which one ? Just tested them now, all seem online.

  2. great. really great work you did. even the german bundesliga seems to be correct (just played a few minutes).

    thank you very much mate ! greetings from Cologne !

  3. Paul,
    Great patch once again but just to inform you Japanese kit hasn’t been updated to real version and so is shinji kagawa”s face!!!

  4. Also Japan”s current coach is javier Aguirre, Mexican and formation is 4-3-3!
    Other Japanese player names Havent be changed like you wrote on your description of edit…

  5. After playing a few hours with my Bundesliga Team Cologne I have to day: well done !
    Only one thing I have to ask for: is it possible to create some third kits? For example: Cologne and Mainz. It is hard to distibguish them. Thanks a lot.

    Greetings from Cologne !

  6. What is the different between Blus -Bles?

    I can`t download the patch because the link bring me on other sites
    Please help

  7. thanks paul, great work thanks for sharing! saves us loads of time. i fixed it myself for my own use but just a small suggestion for your next version: Queens Park Rangers 1st kit needs fixing (just create the logos on a transparent background, looks much better) plus the goalkeeper uses a green kit, not black. cheers!

  8. You should add more countries like Colombia, USA Mexico and more. A lot more countries should be added and I can’t wait till the transfer window shuts.

  9. when I played with Dortmund, why loading is so long ? I used BLES 02088. Any suggest ? Thanks. I’m sorry. my english is so bad.

  10. Hi there, I am not able to load this files on my sd device! Can somebody help me out please? I get redirected on mediafire where i download the RAR file but wont show up as RAR i get option to open with window mediaplayer or adobe and there I can’t go anywhere anymore..

  11. Hi,

    please help me.. i downloaded the file, and i extracted it.. i transferred to my USB disk, but when i plug in into my ps3, and go to saved data utility, it did not detect as an option file. in fact, it didnt detect any file.please help