PES 2015 PS3 OF BLUS + J League + Liga Postobon by Juanjgv89

Download PES 2015 PS3 O.F BLUS J League Liga Postobon

Premier League
– 100% Names, logos, kits , Managers

Football Championship
– 100% Names, logos, kits , Managers

Liga Son Zagres
– 100% Names, logos, kits , Managers

Serie B
– 100% Logos, names

Liga PEU – Bundesliga
– 100% logos, kits , Managers
– Some Players that are in National Teams

Ligue One, Serie A TIM, Erendivise, Liga BBVA
– 100% Logos

Othes Europe
– FF Malmo, Bate Borisov, Basel, Maribor
– 100% Kits

Liga – Liga Postobon
– 100% Team names, logos
-Some Players duplicated from Copa Sudamericana 2014

Liga – J League Division 1
– 100% Team names, logos
– Some kits made with internal editor
– Some Players duplicated from AFC Champions League

National Teams
– Changed duplicated players from teams
– Some kits
– Europe and America with real player’s names

uploaded mirrorcreator mediafire


Teams, leages logos : PESLOGOS
PRemier league, bundesliga, football league kits : Angeltorero
National teams kits : Albiore

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  1. If I install this Patch, do I have to overwrite my last Patch? or will all the other kits etc. Will be there too?
    Therw is only one data file so I have to overwrite?

  2. Thanks for doing this, it’s really good! My question is, if you don’t mind me asking, can you please add some new balls in your next version? For example, we usually never get the Official Premier League Yellow Hi Viz balls. I managed to add this myself with an editor in an old version of PS3 PES and it worked great (copied a PC mod over to the PS3), but since the file format has changed now I am not too sure how to do it. Yet :)

  3. Is there a European version of this Option File. And please with MLS in this option file and not the Colombian league. I know that it not a South American league is but i think there are more PES players that would like it when the MLS is in the Option File. Thanxz!!!

  4. I’ve installed all files on my PS3, but when i start the game it doesn’t recognize the patch. Even if I delete my own system en edit files.
    When I start the game it just begins as a complete new setup, and i have create a new edit file without the patches update.
    Any help please?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey i have the same Problem like you :(
      The DLC isn’t copy into the PES 2015 sytsem of the PS3
      Pleas I need help i will Play the Bundesliga :(((

  5. Anyone who has problems with Option File
    My dad solution followed audited and operates 100%
    First Copy Option Vail to your PS3

    Second Wipe Option File from USB stick

    Third Option copy from your computer to the USB stick PS3

    Copy the Fourth Option File to PS3

    Finally, will actuation Thank you

    • Good advice yeah this usually worked for me in the past too. Just copy from USB to PS3. Then once you export it from your PS3 back to the USB again, I think it resigns it with your own info so you are free to finally copy it back over to your PS3 and use. If it fails and doesn’t work then we can always use the bruteforce save editor to fix it. Cheers m8 :)

  6. Cant load file from other user – Error Diffrent Version. I have found solution that i have to install DLC 1.0, but i have cfw and i cant find dlc to download. Someone have link to DLC konami data pack or have some any solution to solve problem?

    • What about DLC 2.0? Nevermind I’m going to check it soon and find out for myself… shouldn’t be too much editing left for me to do even if it isn’t perfect :) Thanks for the upload.

  7. If you want the DLC then search for the PS3 mods on here by “Bluediskhaven”. He includes the data file. Also, I haven’t found it necessary to change the different user save data but if you need to then get aldostools and use the “bruteforce savedata” prog. There are tutorials on Youtube that explain how to use it, if you need that. Enjoy? :)

  8. Ok I’ll try with bruteforce and with this Bluediskhaven. I’ll post my result after trying ur solution. Thanks btw ;)

  9. Great patch, congratulations! when you plan to upgrade to the new version of Konami packet? after this update some leagues were wrong (bundesliga) and some teams in Europe have been duplicated.

    • Someone above said it screws up the teams, so no it isn’t. Actually I’m just going to stick with DLC 1.0 for now as I’m not sure that Datapack 2.0 really added anything important anyway?! Cheers and thanks for the mod! :)

  10. Good mod works great thanks! One request: please update and make it compatible fully with DataPack 2.0!! I have made my own edits to make the Bundesliga correct now but you really need to update this at some point? Right now this is the only PES 2015 mod available for the PS3 that works properly! FGR/BDH made a good effort but it is completely buggy and we’re forever chasing errors to bother with it anymore. At least with your mod we can edit our own teams and make our own corrections after your initial good work. Cheers!