PES 2015 Patch 1.02 Update Released 16 December 2014

PES 2015 Patch Update 1.02 adds new features to PES 2015 MyClub mode, including credits history overview in MyClub. PES2015 Patch 1.02 fixes different bugs and gameplay has also been pretty adjusted.

PES 2015 Patch 1.02 Released PES 2015 Patch 1.02

PES 2015 1.02 Features :

– myClub credits (coins and GP) balance history added
– Form change for Live Updates not reflected in the Game Plan screen in myClub
– Unable to proceed when trying to close the ranking screen provided that the user has more than 24 friends.
– Minor adjustments have been made to a variety of modes to improve general gaming experience
– The screen occasionally turns black when pressing the skip button for Replay scenes repeatedly
– The player cursor colour is not reflected to the radar target
– Starting line up positions are shown as random when pressing the Transfer reset in EDIT mode.

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  1. I started the game, it didnt update automatically. it just skipped that stadium screen and nothing is updated
    when I tried to update in extra menu, it said “Your pes 2015 is out of date”

  2. I’am facing a trouble since the day of release!!!!
    I can’t download the data pack never (1 OR 2)..its say: unexpected problem while communicating with pes2015 servers!!!!so unfortunately I cant play online !!!so its still demo not a CD …from a ps3 pes2015 user

    If there is no solution. any one tell me if I can download the data pack from the internet and install it to my ps3. moreover, if that’s done,,can I olay online with this downloaded data pack!!?.any information or links!!

  3. Well thanks that worked but I lost my club data and when the game starts it’s log in to some other player account and not mine. Is there any way that I can restore my club and account data?

  4. setup.exe (PES 2015 Patch 1.02 )
    “Decompression failed with error code -6”
    C:\Program Files\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 was erased


  5. When i select to download 1.02 on my PS3, the PS3 beeps 3 times and the console resets itself each time. What is happening or what am i doing wrong here please advise thanks.

  6. Yeah, me too
    After i installed this uodate, my game can’t launch because it’s say unable to start because error -_-
    Please help