PES 2015 Nike White Edition Boot Pack by abtodac /me

Download PES 2015 Nike White Edition by abtodac

uploaded zippyshare mirrorcreator

all boots with pes15 model by abtodac /me

thanks to:
– ron69 (the inspiration)
– SGangster (i use his texture for superfly before. it helps me to not wasting the time but in this release i edit it myself)
– HendriSimz (magista opus and mercurial vapor texture from pes13)
– Enzo Pes (messi mirosar10 texture from pes13)

always #respect the creators

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  1. Do these boots just replace old ones so that all players will be wearing the instead of havin to go into edit mode an doing it areselfs?

  2. 1.How to install these boots please?
    2.I am download 100bootspack and install and when I install these boots 9 , erase me those 100 ?

  3. Since the creators are not responding I wanna tell you guys that you are gonna need to create your own .cpk file from these you downloaded here. If you guys want I can upload mine for you (my .cpk file of this patch, that you can import like just any other .cpk, trough DpFileList file). SPOILER ALERT: you are not gonna get these just like that, these will be replacing the boots you already have (white superfly will be replacing the orange superfly you already have in game, white magistas will be replacing the blue ones you already have, and so on…). Hope I helped you a little. Let me know if you still want that .cpk and I can upload it tomorrow. All the best!

  4. REUS please …could you not put a link to download directly in DpFileList.bin and dt … .cpk??? :D Thanks, please

  5. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    13 December 2014 at 18:32
    Here you are guys. Hope you’ll enjoy it!
    *link to the .cpk*
    As you can see, my comment needs to be accepted by the admins, obviously…

  6. i made it but not me who posted it here, so stop complaining the creator don’t respond. if you understand how to create a cpk file (well you could find easily the tutorial) then it won’t be a problem. i don’t make the preview of the boots. as i know there’s ron69 bootpack, i pack it seperate each boots so you guys can put custom to ron69 bootpack. use CriPackedFileMaker to unpack and repack ron69 bootpack. cheers

  7. REUSS :D :D but i cant when im noob, please make a videoinstall or something on YouTube and get a link on comment :D :D

  8. 2012??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????no boot and patch