PES 2015 Free Side Select Tool 1.0 by Juce

Download Sider 1.0 for PES 2015

Here’s my Christmas/New Year gift for you:

Sider 1.0 for PES 2015
Free side selection in competition modes (cups, leagues, etc.)

uploaded mirrorcreator mediafire mirror

See readme.txt inside the archive on how to use it. It’s pretty simple.
I have only tested it with proper licensed exe, whatever’s latest on Steam (1.01, i think). It should work with other versions, but i haven’t tried. If you do, let me know if it worked for you.

This tool allows you to freely select sides in competition matches – where such selection is normally restricted. For example: in cups, leagues, Championgs League, and so for.


Run sider.exe, it will open a command-line text window, with some introductory text. Don’t close that window, but you can minimize it, if you want.

Run the game. Make sure you press a keyabord key at least once, for example when the game says “Press Any Key”. This is very important – to make sure that sider.dll gets mapped into PES 2015 process. After that, you can navigate the game with your game controller (or keyboard), whichever way you

If all worked correctly, then on “Select Sides” screens, you should be able to move the controllers left and right without any restrictions.

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  1. Is it possible to edit this tool so that we can disable first player selection (that selection can be left in middle) so that that player would be out of the game, it would be so usefull for fixed cursor player so that when first player gets sub’d he can disable his slot?!

  2. Wow juce, you are the man.
    Thanks a lot!

    @Matei Daniel
    Do you press a key on the KEYBOARD, when the game asks you “Press any key” after startup?

  3. It’s official… KONAMI don´t know how to make games.
    The modders are the only one’s can do best and better to those japanese wierdos with lover dolls.

  4. I basically use it for CPU vs CPU matches.. as i usually love to just sit and enjoy watching the CPU teams take on eachother..
    The only thing is that coz the controller is set to the middle, once a team scores, i can’t exit the goal celebration and thus it defeats the entire purpose for me as i’d have to close the game (no key would work, not even V(back))..
    Any ideas?

  5. I basically just need one of the “escape” keys to function, even though i’m not in control of any of the teams.. (either V or B or esc)…