m4rc Patch 2015 v1 For PES 2015

Download m4rc Patch 2015 v1 For PES 2015

m4rc Patch 2015 v1 Released #25/12/14 Features:

Bundesliga full 18 teams
Compatible with update 1.02.00 / DLC 2.00
Real national player names
Real player names & update squads Brasileirao Serie A
Unlock deleted players
Full kits J. League, Campeonato Scotiabank
New teams: Malmö FF, RB Salzburg, Fenerbahçe SK, FC Dinamo Moskva, FC Dynamo Kyiv, Celtic FC, Trabzonspor, Los Angeles Galaxy, Querétaro FC, Kaizer Chiefs, Auckland City FC


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  1. Nice one! :)
    Is it based on PTE or Galaxy patch OF?
    When can we expect full J-League?

    Once again, nice job and thanks for this patch!

  2. J. League need to be the 2014/2015 version, this one is over.
    Kits on Portuguese League and Logos are Missing.
    Serie B already released on PTE Patch.
    Logos are from Option File please remove it and add it on .cpk


  3. All J-league teams have fake players over here, Bundesliga has messed up logos (Werder Bremen has West Ham logo etc.), Serie A has Copa do Portugal logo. Am I doing something wrong? (Just copied it like the installation file said)

  4. pte хорош и другие
    но буду использовать m4rc Patch 2015 v1 для игры в ml
    ждем новых команд

  5. Thanks for patch but i have some mistakes. Some team players are wrong. Faces are incorrect this teams. Specially added team after. Please correct this mistakes. Thanks for this good patch !!!

  6. I installed on clear game. Please add some stadiums and do coachs.cpk.
    Guys I tried every patch for Pes 2015. Galaxy patch is to big and fail, Tuga vicio doesnt have bundesliga, PTE patch is best but have problems for playing. This patch is so small and i like it. Please fix fenerbahçe and other problems and i promise i am going to use this patch everytime. Thanks !!!

  7. Nice work on the patch, nice to see one that runs on OF instead of a 1+ GB monster that I’d have to reinstall the game all over again if it didn’t work. Just some grievances:

    1. You didn’t copy the Chilean teams into the generic Latin American teams that replaced them in the Libertadores and Sudamericana (I’ve checked them before, the teams aren’t the same as in the leagues – they’re duplicated)
    2. You could’ve put up faces for some players – the Brazilian players still look generic in spite of their real names
    3. You forgot to edit the players for the other 14 teams of J.League
    4. Finland, Wales and Kuwait are without kits

    Please correct these for the next update, and I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

  8. With this patch i installed the third kits for bundesliga and all kits are red, any solution?
    But great work, the best patch.

  9. Yes, this is the best patch, missing some things but thanks for the work, please add third kits for bundesliga and serie b and new chants if it´s possible,thanks and great work.

  10. scotiabank updates
    the championship
    with new equipment
    kits and templates
    please…a good
    patch if you update…good luck

  11. scotiabank updates
    the championship
    with new equipment
    kits and templates
    please .. a good
    patch if you update ..
    good luck