PES 2015 Egyptian Super Patch 2015 version 0.6b

Egyptian Super Patch 2015 v0.6b
Presented By MODY 99
Released: December, 2014

Download Egyptian Super Patch 2015 v0.6b

– The Patch Is Compatible with 1.02, DLC 2.0 and online Game.
– Added Bundislega With Latest Squades With Full Details.
– All Real Names, For All Teams, Players, Stadiums & Championships.
– All Real Flags & HD Emblems For All Teams & Championships.
– Made Full Transfers & Latest Squads For All Clubs & National Teams.
– Correct & Latest Kits For All Clubs, Refrees & National Teams.
– Add Manager Name and Picture For All Europe Leagues & National Teams.
– Added Camp Nou & Santiago Bernabeu Stadiums.
– Added New Realistic Adboards For Competitions.
– Realistic Atmosphere & Clothes For Crowd.
– Improved Stadiums Turf And New Realastic Rain With Fog.
– Latest Gloves, Balls & Boots From Nike, Adidas & Others.
– Corrected and Improved The Arabic Language.
– Enhanced and Improved Graphics.
– New HD and realstic Turf Lines For All Stadiums.
– Other great adds to improve the game.

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  1. I installed this patch correctly. I opened the game everything was ok. But when I picked the Arsenal F.C I saw the Arsenal’s defence,attack eg. are 60 about. I checked arsenal from edit. I couldnt see the players’s name. And I wanted start a master league but I couldnt start. This is always “now loading” I don’t understand where I did wrong. What’s the problem?

  2. انا بس فى لخبطة عندى بين الدورى الهولاندى و الالمانى داخلين فبعض …..اتمنى لما تنزل الدورى المصرى كل حاجة تظبط… مستنينك

    بس كنت عايز اتاكد من حاجة بعد ازنك….هوة ملف dt80_100E بينزل مع ملفات الباتش ولا لاء…لان ممكن يكون ده سبب الشكلة عندى
    شكرا :)