Referee Kits Adidas Generics 14/15 + Adidas UEFA Champions League 14/15 CPK by cRoNoSHaCk

Referee Kits Adidas Generics 14 Referee Kits Adidas Generics 15


– CPK Version:

– Referee Kits Adidas Generics 14/15:
· 5 Colors: Blue Navy, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.
· Model collar real on the kits.

– Referee Kits Adidas UEFA Champions League 14/15:
· 3 Colors: Black, Yellow and Blue.
· Real colors.
· New shorts blue navy color.

How to install:

· Copy the file CPK to the folder Download.
· Copy the file DpFileList to the folder Download if you not have any other CPK.
· If you have other CPK you have to hex edit the file DpFileList to add it, tutorial here.

Important: This Referees CPK it’s not compatible with other Referees CPK.

Credits: Tunizizou and sxsxsx for help me to export/import the real collar model.

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