Pesgalaxy Patch 2015 1.01 Update Released 26 November 2014

Download Update Patch 2015 1.01 Download Pesgalaxy Patch 2015 1.01


– Several Bugfixes
– Default save folder (should fix missing saves, non loading data)
– Added Rotherham kits, full Skybet Kits
– Correct commentator names for Bundesliga teams
– Holtby Face added
– Pesmonkey Pitch and Weather Mod now available via switch


– Complete Bundesliga added with correct kits, logos, squads
– Premier League team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Skybet Championship team names corrected and logos and kits added
– Serie B team names corrected and logos added
– Liga ZON Sagres team names corrected and logos and kits added
– All fake national and classic teams corrected and lots of kits for almost all fake national teams
– League and Cup logos and names corrected
– All correct coaches in EPL, Championship, Bundesliga and Serie B
– Correct Rivalries in Bundesliga
– Correct stadiumnames for Bundesliga
– New Bootpack (100 boots)
– Unlock 41 Balls in Exhibition
– Lots of faces for Bundesliga added (more to come for all leagues)
– Camp Nou added
– Few new adboards added
– PesMonkey Pitch and Weather Mod available via switch
– DLC 1.00 included
– 1.01 exe included
– Online compatible
– New Switch (de/activate faces, switch between no steam and steam exe)

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Pesgalaxy Patch 2015 1.01 is just an update (full version 1.00 is required). You can download it HERE.



Credits: See credits.txt inside download

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  1. Update at your own risk!

    PESGalaxySwitch shortcut gives Unhandled error and doesn’t appear on desktop.

    If I try to open via normal .exe it also gives error!

    You should warn people to the possibility of the this update to corrupt the game!!

  2. How can i install only Bundesliga, because i have another patch and it doesnt have Bundesliga, but when i installed this over it the logos for EPL messed up(Like Arsenal had ManCity’s emblem, Chelsea had Aston Villa’s emblem and others)

  3. No me funciona con la version prophet…. No aparecen los accesos directos en el escritorio y cuando lo abris de la carpeta no hace nada. Full Crap!!!


    • Jorge como hiciste para que te funcione? segui las instrucciones al pie de la letra, pero me tira el error que todos comentan aca. no arranca ni por medio del switch ni con el exe original. Gracias

  5. Fix please the Turkey national team kit (black points on it) and the GK kit, which is deafult. Also, there are some default team moved to European Teams like Herismakhgia or Ehrenhofstadt.

  6. Works fine. Anyone having problems make sure you install 1.0 first then this afterwards. 1.0 has five parts and this update just the one part. This could be why some are having problems with exe.

  7. macca2509

    It could be but I have the main patch installed and it worked fine until I updated it.

    I did edited some players stats and club details for realism sake.. maybe editing before the update corrupted the game?

    THE CREATORS INPUT ON THIS THREAD WOULD BE NICE since this appears to be the most complete patch around, thanks!

  8. Turkey nation kit is bug , the home no number and the away doesn’t work in the game
    more nation kits backname under the number.please fix~!

  9. It’s true,you must install patch 1.0 before this to run the game but i have a problem with the Sports commentator.I can’t hear their voices…
    Any help please..???

  10. Please update kit of Belgium national team. Now they using adidas :D
    Don’t forget name placement for chelsea 3rd, argentina, and many third kits which you added. Thank you :)

  11. Para los que no saben como instalar, o les da error

    1 descargar la versión 1.0
    2 instalar y elegir opción avanzada para elegir directorio, deben crear una carpeta cualquiera e instalar en ella el parche
    3 borrar cualquier parche anterior.
    4 buscan la carpeta donde instalaron el parche, entran en la que dice download copian todo y lo pegan en c/archivos de programa(x86/pro evolution soccer 2015/download, hacen lo mismo con la carpeta llamada lib, luego copian los demás archivos menos el pes2015.exe
    5 para una nueva actualización del parche hacer lo mismo

    nota: no copiar y pegar la carpeta download, deben enterar y copiar los archivos y pegarlos en la carpeta del juego

  12. Great patch. One error though – Dortmund starts in Europe League when playing ‘League mode’. Should be in the Champions League where it’s place is taken by MSV Mainz.

    • eh bro..bikin patch sendiri sana
      dasar bocah
      yang namanya nge patch itu ada resikonya…loe mau bagus apa nggak pes loe..kalo kagak mending ga usah di patch aja

  13. Please change la liga and adelante kits some teams don’t have sponsors on their kits, as well as the managers. Other than that terrific job! Thanks