PES 2015 Xbox360 Option File v1.0 by Cavani95

Download PES 2015 Xbox360 Option File v1.0 by Cavani95

Welcome to my first FO/OF of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. You can find the folder with all versions and programs needed. In the various packages also find the instructions to insert the FO.
You will always need a pen drive with at least 1GB.

FO Cavani95 1.0 (to be tested)
TU Required: 1:01:00
DLC Required: 1.00

– Names of all teams updated unlicensed BPL, Championship, Serie B and Liga ZON Sagres Eurobet
– Names updated of all the championships and competitions
– Names of the stadiums and coaches up to date of all teams GLP Club, Championship, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Serie A, Serie B Eurobet, Eredivisie, LIGA BBVA, Liga ZON Sagres Liga Adelante and
– Some players that would be lost with the DLC 1.0 duplicated with the Copy Base


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1) Configurare una Pen Drive, non sono necessarie ingenti dimensioni
2) Spostare sulla Pen Drive il file “Backup Dati di Modifica” e COPIARE “Dati di Sistema”
3) Inserite la Pen Drive nel PC e aprite USBXTAFGUI e fate File > Open First USB Drive
4) Scorrete nelle varie Cartelle in Data Partition finché non ne trovate una con “BEDIT.bin” e “SYSTEM.bin”
5) Inserite EDIT.bin scaricato
6) Tornate sul xbox e inserite la penna
7) Copiate “Dati di Modifica” Nel vostro HDD. Se chiede di sovrascrivere, fate si
8) A questo punto vi congilio di rimuovere la Pen Drive per evitare che carichi il Backup
9) Avviate PES2015 e Giocate :D

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