Download PES 2015 XBOX360 Borussia Dortmund Update v1.0 by Cavani95

Download XBOX360 Borussia Dortmund Update v1.0 by Cavani95


Team with Rosa updated first and second kit included but with problems to your shorts. Kit goalkeeper still not complete. Stadium named date. Face of Klopp. Faces of the majority of players entered. Statistics of a couple of players (young people) still to be updated. As soon as I can settle a few things.

uploaded zippyshare mirrorcreator


Needed: Pendrive and USBXTAFGUI. The teams are in the bottom of the topic.

To import a team, download the archive and extract the files “TexPort xx. Bin” (instead of xx there will be numbers). At this point, insert a pendrive empty the Xbox.

Go to the Dashboard in Settings> System> Storage Devices> Select your Pen Drive and make configure.

Now go into your main device (ES: Hard Disk) and go to games and app> PES 2015 and select a save of your choice (Edit Data, System data, a rescue becomes a myth or master league. There are fine DLC) associated with your account, please copy and choose the pen drive just configured.

Now remove the Pennetta from Xbox and insert it into the PC. Open USBXTAFUI (Download at the bottom of the topic) and select File> Open First USB Drive

Revenue on Partition and browse through the folders until you find the file and drag yourself into the PES File TexPort

When the bottom left will come out that says “Done”, eject the pen drive and insert the Xbox.

Start Pes and go to Edit> Data Management> Import Team> Select pen drive> Select team to import. It will ask you where to place the face of the coach, while the coat of arms and uniforms will put in the first slot is empty. Got it! Now you can enjoy your new team.

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