PES 2015 SweetFX Settings HD Natural 1080p v1.5 by Pimplo

The purpose of HD Natural preset settings is to provide sharp, vibrant (but not to vibrant) and natural look of PES 2015 in both day and night games.

Download PES 2015 SweetFX Settings HD Natural 1080p Download SweetFX Settings HD Natural v1.5 by Pimplo PES 2015 HD Natural 1080p v1.5 by Pimplo SweetFX Settings PES 2015

Enhanced the rendering of the game by working on the colors and thus removing the overall “greyish” filter and “brownish” look of the pitch.
Subtles changes also made to lighting, shadows and sharpening settings, with a light blue gamma increase and a bit of added exposure as a personal touch.
Enjoy and feel free to tweak further to your liking ;-)

Here you can download different SweetFX setting for PES 2015 :


and SweetFX software :


Here are my settings with images bellow: Natural HD


Included Above :

Enhanced color palette/subtle effects V
HD Natural
Pes 2015 SweetFX 1.5
Pes sweetFX settings 1.5

Install using SweetFX Configurator :

First step, you need the SweetFX Configurator version 1.3.3 or later.
Select the game in the games list (you might have to add it to the list first)
Click the “Save / Load configuration” button
Click “Import preset” OR drag the downloaded settings file to the preset list
Select the new preset in the list
(Optional) Rename the new preset
Click on “Load selected preset” and the preset will be loaded into the Configurator main window

Manual install :

First of all, you need SweetFX to use these presets. For installation I’ll just refer you to that thread, which have pages of information, and link to a great introductionary youtube video.

Then, when SweetFX is running and enabled for the game, you either :

Copy the downloaded preset into the game folder
Edit the file “SweetFX_preset.txt” to point to the new file
OR just copy the content and replace the existing SweetFX_settings.txt content.

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  1. My game crashes on start, when i removed d3dx9.dll it doesnt crash, i know for sweetfx to run it needs that dll, how can i fix it?

    • Now i can get the game to work, but i dont see any changes i suspect there is still something fishy going on, or cant you run SweetFX 1.5 on Windows 7

  2. hey , what the minimum specifications for using this SweetFX?
    does it work with this spec?
    Inter Core i3 1.8ghz
    Nvidia Geforce 720M
    4GB Ram
    pls reply .