PES 2015 Super Patch v4.0 By WojtaZ – FULL LICENSE , Bundesliga Done

Download SUPER PATCH by WojtaZ v4.0 FULL LICENSE, Bundesliga Download PES 2015 Super Patch v4.0 By WojtaZ FULL LICENSE


Version 3.0
+ add new players
+ all players real name in Europe national
+ correct league logos
+ fix numbers Borrusia
+ add new players in bundesliga

Download SUPER PATCH by WojtaZ v4.0 Bundesliga done


Version 4.0
+ Full License Premier League (Coaches, kits, emblems)
+ Full License Bundesliga (coaches, kits, players, emblems)
+ Full License Europe National (players, emblems, coaches, some kits, real names)

uploaded mirrorcreator mega

Password: superwojtazbundesliga

Copy the “download” folder to : C:\Program Files (x86)\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
Copy the “save” folder to : C:\Users\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2015


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    • try this
      go to your installation PES15 then right clik on setting.exe go to properties—-> compability —–> (just check) disable display scalling on high DPI setting then applay
      just try your resollution that match your screen one by one

      i am using old box lcd monitor and its work without huge black bar

  1. Haha Niko Kranjčar in national team Croatia: Dribling 70 and defensive awerness 83, hahahahm wrong player.. maybe Ognjen Vukojević

  2. Hello ! , i have problem with costumes on the players , for example in arsenal , chelsea and borussia dortmund and more . Please fix it :)

  3. Hello ppl and thanks for your effort to make this game better. I do have a problem though. I do copy the files like you say but when I launch the game, when it loads data it tells me that ” edited data unable to load because the data is from a different version” or something like this. I have the steam version (I think it runs through steam anyway). Game version is 1.01.00 and Data version 1.00. I had another patch before, no installation, I just copied over \download and \konami folders. So I just emptied them and copied your files and I got the message I told you before. Any ideas? Sorry for the lengthy post but…

        • It worked well to me . If the problem continuous and you still want this patch try do delete all the files and folders you have copied to C://Program Files/Pes15/download.. etc , also to the KONAMI folder (Documents/KONAMI) , and re-install the game .Also if you have any DpFileList.bin , open it with HexEditor and remove all the subject in it(watch tutorials on youtube). If it does not work , probably the patch is not working for your game version . It happens many times :(

  4. please update asian football federation and national team indonesia, me and other peoples from indonesia play this game. so i hope you can update that.

  5. Dude when the next patch is coming out ? liga zon sagres team’s emblems are mixed with seria b’s team’s emblems , also fix emblems for championship , fix kits for national teams , and add all league stadiums plz , at least LA Liga’s and EPL , thnx !

  6. Amazing mod ;) keep it up :) little mistake ! in Czech National Team is player KADALEC but that’s wrong, it’s KADLEC :) anyway it’s really good mod ! keep updating it !

  7. STILL waiting for the NEXT PATCH Wojtaz !!! Plz add all league stadiums (or as many as you can) , and plz fix the schedules in ML , make them as they really are (ex.:one game home – next game abroad). And PLZ FIX the scores after the games ! I play a 30 min game , i finish for ex 4-2 , the other games are like 11-1 , 4-6,7-7 etc !!! We ‘re waiting dude !

  8. Hi.
    i used your Version of 3.1 right now and im very happy with that.
    Now i have a problem to usw 4.0 becouse thats the same files.
    In 3.1 u have 10 new Kits named UNIFORM1.bin etc.
    In the 4.0 file arent more UNIFORM Files so i dont try to patch again.
    If there any Option to send me only the Uniform.bin files?
    I dont need more to be happy.

  9. Hi Man Please Fix African National Teams And Liga Sagres And Brazilian And Other Leagues And Add Egyptian League And All Faces ….Thanks Wil Waiting For Patches

  10. Hi Wojtaz,

    You are the only one af all the 38 Patches i downloadet with files inside named Uniform.bin
    All other Patches for PC and PS didnt have these files inside to use.
    I need only the Bundesliga Uniforms to be happy. Dortmund still looking great.

    If there is an Option to send me these files i will donate you 10 bucks only for the Bundesliga Uniforms.

    I think iam going crazy becouse i really try all patches from all sites and didnt get these files.


  11. Hey GOOD JOBS I LOVE THIS PATCH its easy but its gonna awesome if you can fix those enblem of all team and skybet team you done a really good patch sir…hope you fix all the kits :)

  12. Wojtaz please make Manchester United and Borrusia Dortmund 3rd kit..the others are perfect already and can you make all national team emblem+coaches+kit? i hope you can thank you very much

  13. hey guys i copied all files but nothing happened no bundesliga by the way i didn’t install another batch only this super patch plllz reply