PES 2015 Screen Resolution Tool by PESEDIT

For this tutorial, PESEDIT is using popular downsampling tool GeDoSaTo, which offers installation and usage instructions on its website. Make sure to click ‘Edit whitelist’ and add a line like this at the bottom:

pes2015 || Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

Open tool to set a new (not allowed by default) resolution in PES 2015, simply start the game and feel the difference.

PES 2015 default 1080p in

PES 2015 using downsampling from 2160p to 1080p

Download PES 2015 Screen Resolution Tool :

uploaded mirrorcreator

Always remember that GeDoSaTo is required to be running before you start PES 2015 for the downsampling to work. If PES 2015 crashes right at the start after you set the higher resolution, GeDoSaTo might not be running in the background yet.

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  1. thanks a lot i found the download link and it work well with me in 3840×2160 but it crash in 5120×2880 and 7680×4320 and the GeDoSaTo is running in the background … so is there any fix or something i should edit in GeDoSaTo to make it work …. at last thanks a lot for your work game looks very good with your tool in 3840×2160 res i hope i can run it in the other res :)

  2. For me it work even with 7680×4320 but it it sticks so I use it on 3840×2160,but I don’t see any difference.