PES 2015 PS3 Option File v1.0 BLES 02088 and BLUS by WWEFAN

All league cup & competitions Renamed + logos added Credit to PESLogos

In this version the Barclays Premier League is fully licensed

KITS – Credit to PESKITS For Super HD Quality kits.

Manager Images – Credit to TheDeamon Peda69, GronKaroglan, jose11, chricarpr, Yildirimugur, luciano_spfc, Ashmax, erzo77, LionHeart94

Team Emblems – Credit PESLogos

WWEFAN PES 2015 Patch

All Teams Updated with Konami’s latest DLC
Version 1.00.01 Data Pack 1.00

My aim with this years PES 2015 is to add
a new league every week until It is complete and the best option file this year on PS3.

Faces and buids will be a joint contribuiton from the PES community and myself.

Next week v1.1 SkyBET Championship + All national team players renamed and duplicates removed.

So what you waiting for go download guys and enjoy!

BLES 02088




Credit to NICOC77 for converting

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    • 1 – Download the optional file for PS3.

      2 – Unzip the file “.rar” or “.zip” and copy the folder “PS3” with all that is in the root of the USB drive.

      3 – Connect the USB key to the PS3.

      4 – Go to the game part d) Utilities backed up data d) Find the USB key and click on it.

      5 – Full of files will be present. Make Triangle and “multiple copies”

      6 – At the bottom right, click on “select all” and OK.

      7 – If a message appears asking you to confirm each file, check “apply to all” and choose “crush and save”

      8 – Confirm any messages warning you that files will be overwritten.

      9 – Wait for copying files and now it’s over! :-D

                                                               : CABG: II) Common Problems and Tricks: pacd:

      Here is a small list of common problems that can happen:

      – The USB key is not recognized by the PS3 question:
      d) Make sure that the USB stick is FAT 32. If not, format it.

      -No File is detected on the USB key with the PS3 question:
      d) Make sure that the folder “PS3” contain a subfolder “SAVEDATA” and that the “PS3” folder is in the root of the key.

      – Half of the files are not copied! : issue:
      d) In step 6, the files are in the process of charge. Watch the top right you will see the number of files (/ 160, for example) and make sure that the number of detected file also either 160/160 before any select.

  1. hey WWEFAN this is an awesome mod, thank you! yes, not complete but nothing major left to do so this is great and best quality yet!

  2. Sorry, but I am still new. What is the difference between bles and blus?

    And what leagues do you plan to add in the future?

  3. If I will add the next Patch, do I have to overwrite the old file? Will the old file also include the oder kits you habe created before?

    For example: if you create Bundesliga and i copy it, does your new file also include the english premier league you created before? Thanks !

  4. Thanks for doing this, it’s really good! My question is, if you don’t mind me asking, can you please add some new balls in your next version? For example, we usually never get the Official Premier League Yellow Hi Viz balls. I managed to add this myself via an editor in an old version of PS3 PES and it worked great (copied the PC version files over to the PS3), but since the file format has changed now I am not too sure how to do it. Yet :) Anyway that would be perfect if you can do it, thanks again.

  5. Hey WWEFAN good work but did you stop work on this? Just wondering if we should start editing our own Bundesliga if you aren’t doing it, but if you are already doing it…? Let us know soon, thanks.

  6. Hi, I’m having trouble with getting the option file. I’ve downloaded the file, copied it from my USB to saved game data on PS3 but still can’t get the right kits when i load the game. Do I need to do anything once the game is loaded, in the settings/edit area? Does the game need to be installed on the PS for it to work

  7. my version is BLUS 31480 and i downloaded the BLUS version still when the game is loading the edit data a message pops out (unable to load because the data is from a different version. please download new content and update the data

  8. ” Edited data unable because is from different version.
    Download new contents to update data.”
    What to do?
    Pls fast

  9. ” Edited data unable because is from different version.
    Download new contents to update data.”
    What to do?
    Pls fast, ya same problem

  10. every time I try to download data AVG protection pops up with detection warning or threat removal.Has you website been compromised