PES 2015 PS3 OF v0.2 For BLUS31480 By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

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For PES 2015 PS3 BLUS31480 (Will provide for other ID’s later)

Extract the ps3 folder to the root of a usb then copy the save files to the ps3.

Download PES 2015 PS3 Option File v0.2 For BLUS31480

*Updated Transfers & Lineups via data pack 1.0*
*Skybet ChampionShip Team Names Fixed*

Changes In The Premier League:
*Fixed Names For The Premier League*
*Fixed Manager Surnames in Premier League*
*Edited Kits (Formulas) In The Premier League (Most but not all)*

PES 2015 PS3 Option File v0.2 For BLUS31480 (All in One v0.2):


Password: BlueDiskHaven

Mirrors :

Edit Option File Save Data:

dt15.cpk Mod (Official Logos) (xdelta patch)

Data Pack v1.0:

Official 1.01 Update Pkg:

Password: BlueDiskHaven

By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

I’ll continue to work on this and will release regular updates
First I’ll focus on to fix anything unofficial

By Faith Genesis Raven / BlueDiskHaven

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Stay Tuned!

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  1. Inside the rar folder are three rar one is the option file the othrs are kits but i read instructins and it says that for that folders i have to intall a program call Irisman in order to load the pack?? why can be all in the option file?

  2. not had time to check your editing yet but i just wanted to say a huge THANKS for putting the links up for the dlc data pack!! i was looking for that and couldn’t find it anywhere! thanks again you awesome person :D

  3. Sorry, i don’t have a pirate ps3.. I need to know if my digital copy of PES is bles or blus… How can i do it if i bought the game via another person/account… I’m totally new in this kind of things… so please, be patient with me…
    Thanks guys!

    • very odd time you can get black screen happened time once out of 20 times or more
      just unlucky although make sure you’ve done everything properly

    • the cpk files should work although i need to know the id of the save for the digital version so let me know thanks

    • I will do a version for bles soon but I am doing it for cfw or ode now
      but maybe the next version or one after I’ll provide for bles too

      or you can use bruteforce pc program to change the id of the save

  4. Bluediskhaven, thank you so much for this! thanks too for the detailed instructions in the file how to install the data file. all worked perfectly via recovery menu, nice! Yes, it seems some people here are too lazy to read. Please don’t be discouraged or put-off by all the lame comments here. It’s just amazing and a pretty sad reflection on these ungrateful morons that after all your work only one other person even bothered to say thanks! So, please please ignore the idiots here and keep updating for those of us who actually appreciate your work. Take care my friend and keep going!

  5. Thanks for doing this, it’s really good! My question is, if you don’t mind me asking, can you please add some new balls in your next version? For example, we usually never get the Official Premier League Yellow Hi Viz balls. I managed to add this myself with an editor in an old version of PS3 PES and it worked great (copied a PC mod over to the PS3), but since the file format has changed now I am not too sure how to do it. Yet :)

  6. I clicked on the “donating here” link above and it says “Sorry – your last action could not be completed”. I tried but can’t send you any money. So was I the only one who actually noticed? I was the only person here who clicked on it? LMAO!