PES 2015 Patch Tuga Vicio version 0.2

Download Tuga Vicio v0.2 For PES 2015 Download PES 2015 Patch Tuga Vicio v0.2


Premier League (100%)
SkyBet Championship (100%)
Serie A (100%)
Serie B (fatam alguns emblemas)
Eredivisie (100%)
Ligue 1 (100%)
Ligue 2 (100%)
Liga BBVA (100%)
Liga Adelante (100%)
Premier League Portugal (100%)
Brasileirão with many improvements
Names and logos of the cups
Names and logos of the championships
Name of some coaches
Other improvements made
Kits and Faces soon


How To Install:

1º- Have PES 2015 installed
2º- Check if the game is 1.00
3º- Install Patch choosing the folder where the game is installed “Pro Evolution Soccer 2015”
4º- PLAY!

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  1. pc version:
    -no licensed teams.
    -no licensed leagues.
    -no licensed stadiums.
    -without resulução 1080p.
    -no video input on the pitch.
    -no input or hymn champions league.
    -without snow or water on the field.
    -emotionless game.
    How can you say Pes is better than FIFA?
    Pes is better because FIFA has no crack, pirates can only play PES.

    • EA is rich. Licensing doesn’t matter for PES. This website is proof of that. Emotion in FiFa is bullshit and affects nothing. This year’s PES is genius, built on the rock solid foundation set by PES 14.
      Piracy is sad, means they won’t have enough revenue to overtake shitty FiFa next year.

      • ” built on the rock solid foundation set by PES 14.”..what a joke mate..I’ve been a PES fan since pes 6, pes 2014 was so bad that i stucked with pes 2013 till now, you got to at least admit that PES 2014 was the worst title Konami produced in recent years. Anyway, people who likes PES are those that care more about the core of the gameplay rather than the graphic packages that fifa provides. Fifa has great sponsors and license, but the gameplay is forever stuck in the unrealistic mode of impossible tricks, solo runs and overpowered star players. playing fifa is like watching an animation for kids, playing pes is more towards watching a replay of a real game. no amount of effects..”hym of champions league?” wtf?..and whatever other elements is going to cover the obvious flaw of Fifa.

      • When the system requirements stated in the box are the ones needed for running the game and not for playing the game (not the same thing), when magazine ratings are made by how much money the sponsors pay, I wont buy a game unless I tested it before.

        If thats sad too bad, I tired of spending money on something I will not make full use of. I will keep testing it first and, IF the game is worth, Ill buy it. If the game is good, every fan with enough money will get the copy from a store. The ones that dont, well, they wouldnt either way.

    • what game have you been playing? fifa is usually just like pingpong, its not much like actual football and never has been. Pes plays much better with or without licences.

    • look at the emotion between pes and fifa??are you blind??fifa looks like cartoons again pes looks real..pes moves is more fluid than fifa and the graphics of pes is better than fifa..

  2. i have a problem,i install this patch Tuga Vicio v0.2,i install the fix.exe but nothing :( enter in pes 2015 i press start button and when check network connection…appcrash..why :(..please help me guys

  3. FYI – 95% of these comments are from absolute morons. This patch does what it says on the tin. Nothing more, nothing less. No idea why people are whinging.

  4. Comparing this with PES 2014 is impossible, its 100% better.

    Yes PES 2014 was a new start but it was awfull, PES 2015 gives back realism and my only complain is the new team builder menu, was much simpler before, and the fact the new physics motion engine will make several players hit each other in a row when trying to recover the ball.

    Still, PES 2015, even without licenced teams, logos, musics and many other things is 10 times more realistic then FIFA 2015.

    About this patch, for me, its the best Ive seen so far. I would love to see Portuguese teams (at least FC Porto and SL Benfica) on same level of other tier 2 european teams, FCP is already on Champions next phase and SLB was twice Europa League finalist but other then that, I think it will be the best one by far when done.

    Thank you guys for your hard work, keep up the good job, Im a big fan.

  5. After installing patch my sony ps1 controllers don’t work. In settings it can see my mp 866 dual usb joypad but when I want to program buttons gamepad’s don’t responde. Before this patch everyting worked, but after gamepads don’t work and with older PES. I clean all regisry but it doesn’t helped.
    Does anybody have same problem? I need help so if anybody know solution please help.