PES 2015 Mod For XBOX 360 by carluchirock 

Download PES 2015 Mods by carluchirock For XBOX 360

– All national Teams “KITS” fully licensed (not players data base)

– All Premier League Teams “KITS” fully licensed

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  1. I knew the way to install the files. First, you should play PES2015 in xbox360 without official system. I have install FSD in my xbox360, and then I could play PES2015 of format with xex file in the portable hard disk(FSD and all the games be installed in the hard disk). I hope you guys could know what I said. and you will find that the download files include dt10.cpk,dt15cpk and dt34cpk, copy and paste them in the folder of PES2015 to replace the origin ones. I have done it and found it works. Thanks carluchirock, I look forward to greater patch you do in near future.

  2. For those who doesnt know what is jtag or RGH xbox, you may try google. As up today you guys still dont know jtag? common man!

    • Hi, I know what JTAG is, but I am a new user of XBOX – always played PES on PC. I have official game, is there any way how to install any patch on non JTAG console? Thanks for reply

      • Good if you know that, I was inferring to them whos up as today still dont what jtag is, probably mr. google will help if they re not to lazy to seek more info. And yes, you wont be able to replace your original files if you boot from original disc and you will need jailbreak RGH xbox with file manager (FSD) with the PES game extracted saved on your HDD then you can browsing in and out of the files you are going to replace. That simple, just like the thread says “FOR RGH”.
        This files work just fine without crashing in the middle of the game, although not all national kits are 100% completed, if I am not mistaken national GK kits for new zealand and few more are still missing, I dont really remember. But to be honest by far this is one of the best early mods for PES15 on xbox. Thumb up for the uploader!

  3. guys i downloaded the game and then put it on my xbox 360 but it wont work and tells me download the game again idk what to do and what if it needs something to work ???

  4. yep only copy and paste dt10.cpk,dt15cpk and dt34cpk… okay thank you mate..
    well, I look forward to greater patch you do in near future

    adios amigos