PES 2015 Modern GamePlay #27.11.2014 by nesa24

After playing matches i have decided to change some things that are just ruining game for me

[too much referee game braking things, bad team work,reaction on controls , magnus … ]

PES 2015 Modern GamePlay

My mates tried it at they love it so decided to make it public. This year less modding time so less patches…

Download, unpack, copy to PES folder and play. * MAKE BACKUP FILES THAT YOU CHANGE!

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    • AMigo, el patch es para cambiar el gameplay
      osea el juego, podes configurar para que sea mas realista o mas dificil (NO hablo de graficos) hablo de la CPU-AI que es para cuando jugas contra la cpu lo cambias un poco para que hagan mejores reacciones o que sea mas dificil de jugar y mas realista.
      Yo en general lo uso porque me encantan los arquero y hago que reaccionen mas rapido asi los tiros son mas dificiles

  1. [too much referee game braking things, bad team work,reaction on controls , magnus … ] isnt very helpful or detailed.

    Will we be getting less cards now? more warnings?
    bad team work fix?
    what is magnus?…

  2. Thnaks for your work,

    i tried vs AI so :

    No more fouls or cards, in normal and high level
    Scored is more easy
    AI make different tactic now, more interesting, more funny to play.

    good job but there is na more fouls, and i agree with you many match without fouls yellow card or red card is very stypid, konami did a midlle game not good game. AI is not good.

    But Please Change Game Icon Cat Isn’t Good Leave It Like Original Game Icon Or Anything Else And Can You Fix Gameplay And Stamina

  4. Thx for your patch. Going to try it. If anyone wants to descripe what this patch does or makes his own gameplay patch, i am interested.

    BTW: Don´t see it as a hate for konami´s gameplay, consider it a join venture a cooperation between konami and fans

  5. Great gameplay, Nesa. Is it possible to increase AI fouls frequency? The AI very rarely commit fouls can this be fixed?

  6. Great Gameplay. Very funny to play.Between Professional level(loose)and Star level (unplayable).In accordance with sam4xe.(10 fouls player by 1 foul AI)Many thanks.

  7. But can you do it in a cold night in Stoke ? :p
    Thnx , someone try to fix the schedules in Master League and PLEASE the scoring shit! i like to play the game 30 min , i finish for exp. 3-2 , the other league matches are like : 11-3 , 7-7, 4-5 etc , BULLSHIT ! PLz fix that SHIT!

  8. I totally want to delete this patch . How do I make . I deleted the game completely, I still can not install help please remove this artificial intelligence is