PES 2015 just got another award.

PES 2015 has just been voted Best Sports Game at the Paris Games Week!

PES 2015 Voted Best Sports Game at the Paris Games Week

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  1. Everytime so many good trailers of PES , and we waiting and waiting to play the game , and when it comes we saw that everytime is not like in the trailer. So many news , things and almost stars falling down from the sky for this game and than peoples see that they play one big shit. Yes PES is better than Fifa , but if is like last few years to they just promises and promises that the game this year will be awesome and so much realistic , and so perfect new engine and so much promises like that , and what we see in the end ? Answer is very sample , same like always . I Hope this year will be really different than other years , because of last PES they promises so many things and changes and in the end everyone saw that PES 2014 is not even better than PES 3. If this year is same i preffer not to see this game anymore in europe and never to get a license for the English F.C. Will never buy it anymore if again is dissapointed !!!

    • I completely agree with you, Let us hope this year it will be great game.
      My favorite sport is football, but because of 2k sport I loved NBA2K game version.
      so pes please do not let us down this year. :)