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Back in 2010 Alegor, Nisoley & ZeBastian had the idea for a new Pro Evolution Soccer 6 patch, it was the birth of PES 6 Phoenix.
The name – a creation of Alegor – was chosen for 2 reasons:

The patch is called PES 6 PHOENIX because for us it´s the renaissance of PES 6
The patch ist build up from the bottom – like a phoenix from the ashes

In January 2011 the patch team announced PES 6 Phoenix for the first time.
It didn’t take long and 3 simple targets made people wait eagerly for the first release.

Increase the quality standard
Constantly improvement of PES 6
Increase the fun factor of playing ML with second division teams

The first release in May 2011 was the start of an era and in the following years – including a special EURO 2012 edition – PES 6 Phoenix became a well known name in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 editing scene.

In summer 2013 it was time for a relaunch, PES 6 Phoenix turned into Pro Evolution Soccer Phoenix.
The main reason for this step was Daniel__Juve – one of the most creative guys I ever met – from this point on he took care over the new design – sounds and graphics.
PESP shone in a whole new splendor.

P6P/PESP started as a german project and became international.
In 4 years 14 people from all around the world worked on this patch and always tried their best to make the game we all love even better.

Now after 4 great years – and 4 different patches, special EURO 2012 & World Cup 2014 versions – the Phoenix took his final flight – all of the founding members left the team – it’s time for a new generation.

This is our final gift – sit back & revive this era again!

A very special thanks goes to S-NipE, who made backups for all versions!

The History of P6P PESP installation

  • Install Pro Evoltion Soccer 6 in english.
  • Below you’ll find all patch versions & following information:
    • Patch version
    • Team members
    • Files included in this version (AFS Files, Other Files & Folders)
    • Download link
  • Clicking on download button will redirect you to a folder, where you’ll find all needed files.
  • Download and extract all files – 7-Zip is recommended.
  • Browse to the folder where you have installed PES6 (usually “[YourDrive]:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6”) and import:
    • PES6.exe
    • kitserver
  • Go to kitserver and run setup.exe (“…\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\kitserver\setup.exe”) to install kitserver to PES6.exe. If “Install”-button is gray (button can´t be pressed) kitserver is already installed.
  • Next browse to dat-folder (“…\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\dat”) and replace following files for those you have downloaded (“opmov” isn’t included in all versions and can be deleted):
    • 0_sound.afs
    • 0_text.afs
    • e_sound.afs
    • e_text.afs
    • opmov
  • Now go to GDB-folder inside kitserver (“…\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\kitserver\GDB”) and replace following folder for those you have downloaded (“stadiums” isn’t included in all versions):
    • balls
    • boots
    • faces
    • hair
    • stadiums
    • uni
  • Only thing left to do is setting up option file. Go to “[YourDrive]:\Users\[YourName]\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1” (on older systems like Windows XP this path is different | maybe you have to run PES6 before for this folder to be created) and import:
  • Start the game & enjoy your P6P/PESP!

Special notes:

  • If you want to play EURO/World Cup version you’ll see in its post which files you need from default patch version.
    Default patches have all the latest EURO/World Cup formations, balls, boots, faces, hair & uni.
    So you only need EURO/World Cup files if you want to play with EURO/World Cup atmosphere (sounds, music, menus & stadiums).
  • For some versions S-NipE created a plastic boots addon, if you want to use plastic style instead of default one drag&drop content from addon-folder to default boot-folder.
  • Tools like “camera zoom” aren’t needed! Go to “…\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\kitserver\camerazoomer.cfg” to set up your favorite zoom.

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