PES 2014 PS3 Paul’s Option File Update v3.2 Bles-Blus-Blas

Features : Leagues/Cups All unlicensed leagues and cups have been renamed and have emblems added. Some look a bit pixilated, but I will fix them up in future updates. Premier League All team names have been corrected and emblems added. All teams have Home, Away…

Download PES 2014 PS3 Paul2478’s Option File Update v3.2

Thanks for the donations over the last 24 hours or so, as a team we have nearly reached our Relay For Life $3,000 target!! It’s not too late to donate here

As many transfers as I could possibly do have been done, this included creating 100’s of new players and I only wish I had time to create more. The updated list is here those transfers in bold text are done and those in regular text are not done. The main reason for this is that the player isn’t in the game and I didn’t have time to make them, but a few are due to the team already having 32 players.

Line Ups & Squad Numbers
Line ups and squad numbers have been fixed for most teams, if you use a team that I haven’t done then you can fix it in edit mode safe in the knowledge that I won’t release another update that messes it up again.

Again Bhattu Krishna has been busy adding more new kits and I have done quite a few as well. I believe that every unlicensed Premier League, Bundesliga, J-League and Championship team now has their 2014/15 kit as well as quite a few unlicensed Liga Zon Sagres and Liga MX teams.

Copa Libertadores 2014 Players
While I was away Bhattu fixed all the remaining names of the Copa Libertadores 2014 players.

Player Appearances
I’ve added a few new appearances for players I have created and Bhattu has updated lots of player boots and accessories.







Team Imports


Championship Emblem Pack


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  1. Hi my version is BLES, i downloaded, extracted and copied all files, now my pes2014 is vanilla, arsenal is north london, etc. I got the error update is from different version. How can i fix it? Thanks

  2. Hi all!

    I can’t find version 3.1. on these pages. I doubt that it even exict, but I’m asking cause I don’t want to use version 3.2 after 3.0. cause I’m afraid to mess it all up. Does anybody know something about this?

    Thank you very much!

  3. Just bought the game. Downloaded the file but it doesn’t show up on the PS3 when i try to copy it.

    Can anyone provide some installation instructions? It would be very much appreciated