MYPES 2015 Patch v1 [For PES 2013] Features:

• Included Data Pack 6.00
• Included PES 2013 Patch 1.04
• Updated relegated & promoted teams for all leagues (2014-2015)
• Added FULL Bundesliga (18 teams with correct kits, faces, squads & lineups)
• Updated Liga Sagres (18 teams with correct kits, faces, squads & lineups)
• Corrected leagues names, leagues balls and emblems
• Updated summer transfers
• Updated 2014 FIFA World Cup National teams (squads & lineups)
• Added new 2014-15 kits
• Added 2014 World Cup kits
• Added new faces
• Corrected fake player names for unlicensed National Teams
• Added new ballpacks

MYPES 2015 Patch v1 [For PES 2013]

• Added new emerging clubs in all European leagues

• Added myPES League (18 teams from Spain, Italy, England, Germany and France)
All the teams downlink in 2014 season
like : Real Betis, Fulham and Bologna

• Added new menu and wallpapers
• Added new font
• Added new position icon


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  1. Thank You 4Torrent link. Anyway should i install it to direct folder with basic pes2013 ? cause i install it and all works fine but still got 2013winter teams. There is no transfers at all.

    Had 2013 PESEDIT selector patch so i istalled to this and there was still old teams (Basic PES 2013, PESEDIT patch, MyPES patch).

    Next I uninstall PESEDIT PATCh and reinstall basic 2013 + MyPES and it was still old teams.

    Should i mess with “my-PES.COM – Session 2015” folder in documets?

    Thanks for help

  2. Not a good patch in terms of boots cause it does not have the new boots……….
    It has the old boots of 2012……..
    Plz upload boots pack………..

  3. I have a problem, when I start the game the option file isn’t working, I don’t know what is the problem because I did everything right. PLEASE HELP!

  4. When I try to download the torrent file its asks me for my phone number, thats clearly something I wont give, any other link for torrent, plz.

  5. It doesn.t work with me
    Plzzzz i need help
    I open mypes app and it doesn’t work and it says nothing
    I downloaded from 200 m links
    Should i download it from 1.2 g link
    What should i do .. plzzz help
    I really want to play pes 13 with patch 15

  6. I hav had this error of this patch for almost 2years now and i can’t find a solution… every time a player celebrate a goal with his substitute teammates the kit of the substituted players have sunderland kit… can anyone help me with this