PES 2015 PC versus PS4 – Xbox One Differences

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PES Official Facebook Account : I can confirm PC and New Gen versions are the same apart from the following items. New gen is slightly ahead of PC for:

• Elapsed time – Show brightness/shadow change from real time lighting according to the match time of day
• Crowd improvement – Crowd variety to be increased by 10 times
• Player lighting to be improved through differed rendering
• Improved shirt quality – Weave variety added
• Enhance depth of field

So gameplay, animations, modes etc etc exactly same.

I wouldn’t imagine the two versions to be incredibly different. I’m not saying that you are not going to see the difference, as I haven’t seen the PC version myself yet. But It sounds really promising, and I am a PC player.

The PC version is going to be the same, the differences are going to be as few as I mentioned.

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  1. If the Editor is 100% illimited, Logos, add new leagues, teams, full custom kits back and front for sponsors, add 2nd divisions to leagues don´t have, all on a PC, i will buy it, if not, i will not buy it.
    The gameplay i don´t care, because it will be the same from the PS4.
    It will be add Portuguese Segunda Liga?
    The PES 2013 Demo as been hacked, so that is not the cause for konami doing this junk, respect the PC customers, release the demo before, or you konami will get even worse then 13% on a PC.
    Consoles always are hacked as well and modded, online modders can´t get online from the real PSN, but then can get from the Russian Servers, with piracy copy.
    Forget the PC Demo Hacked, and give us the good stuff, or you will loose this year for good!

    Thank you, and make sure Adam and KONAMI read this. Or i will go away to EA Sports, and force other people to do it.