PES 2014 Patch 1.13 & 1.16 For Fileloader – by Hawke @

create a folder in the game directory and name it download

download folder pes 2014

Now copy ALL files from C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download
to the new folder you created… look below at the image.

We have to create this folder because i can’t change the dlc location without breaking the .exe as i would be adding more bytes & i don’t know how to do this.

Once you have done the above steps copy & paste the pes2014 1.13 or 1.16 nodvd & JKgamer.dll to your install directory… and run as admin…REMEMBER to back everything up first… USE AT YOUR OWN RISK… for me DLC’s/Custom DLC’s & fileloader are working with this method.

NOTE: I don’t use any plugins of fileloader except the ones listed below, so if speeder.dll/gameplay.dll etc don’t work for you there is nothing i can do. I know this is not an ideal fix but it will allow us to play with 1.13.exe & fileloader until Jenkey returns.

[plugin]… I only use these plugins… so if others don’t work there is nothing I can do.
dll = KitLoader.dll
dll = Faceloader.dll
dll = VideoLoader.dll
dll = ApkLoader.dll

ALL credit goes to Jenkey…This is just a workaround until he returns…I have no support for fileloader, I edited the exe not fileloader !

Necessary Files :

uploaded mirrorcreator

NOTE: Only for Fileloader 1.2.09 which can be downloaded here.

Video Tutorial :

watch video

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  1. Actually you can use Speeder.dll and Gameplay.dll. It’s just not needed i think. Patch 1.16 gameplay is quite nice.

    • Yeah speeder.dll/gameplay.dll etc will probably work..but i agree their not needed..there are already some nice game play patches about.Unfortunately Yair hasn’t added his to the 1.16 exe but nesa has & it’s pretty impressive.

      • @Hawke

        Yes, plus i’ve been exploring fileloader gameplay for a while and it’s a mess. Let’s say you change the ball speed, it will affect negatively the passes you make, above 105 you nearly miss all the throw in passes. As for shot power the only thing it does is to make the ball travel faster and above 110/115 it will stutter the sound of your game. However i can really enjoy NESA24 one, the only thing i miss from 2013 are those amazing long range goals now and then, if i knew how i would change that, sometimes we build such a beautiful counter and the keeper its the fucking Batman.

        I posted a tutorial as well that i’ve found how to by myself since i explore a lot of PES2014 but some dickheads claimed that i stole from you, which i didn’t, probably you explore as well. Anyway just for you to know that i haven’t stole anything from you and applied my credits, i’m not even a member at evo.

        One last thing, after a while i was able to match the graphics look of PES2013 like color, that awful specular roughness on the skins and kits, so if you want to give it a try, you are welcome. It’s basically my SWEETFX preset together with a nice specular texture.

        You can take a look

        Even the kits look greater.

  2. Can u tell me how to install necessary files when download it ? :(
    When i start installing it show me crash.

    PS : I disabled antivirus

  3. This tutorial doesn’t make any sense.

    So we create the folder “download” and then you indicate us to copy the files from the “download” folder that we just created?

    If we have to copy the files from “download” is because there was a folder already there with that name.

    Fix it please.

  4. To complete what I’m saying… What the tutorial says is:

    Create -> Folder -> download
    Copy content inside -> download


  5. Means to make a folder and copy the content inside that folder. see the pic!

    copy what’s in original download folder from programdata in the folder download from programfiles where you have installed the game.

  6. The game doesn’t start, crashes right away, any solution?

    And thanks for the help but the tutorial isn’t right, you have 2 pictures showing only the programfiles folder.