Aldimanx Pes Patch V6.0

– datapack 7.00
– patch 1.13
– you can download it from this download section

New Feature
450+ HD face ( total more than 1600+ real Face)

I will fix other bug when weekend come, dont worry, update v 6.2 size only 100mb

so you dont need to wait v6.2 release to download new update
v6.2 will contain transfers, fix, new boots, correct boots, etc.

Main Features
11 league included
1.English Premier League 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
2.Serie A 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
3.Eredivise 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
3.BBVA 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
4.Zon agres 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
5.Bundesliga 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
6.Indonesia Super League 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
7.Skybet 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
8.Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
9.Argentine Primera División 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
10.Chilean Primera División 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
11.Mexico Primera Division 100% (kits,squad,font,number,rooster,stats)
3 kits,4kits and UCL Kits
World Cup kits
HD kits for referee
added 400+ New HD Face
bundesliga 250 face buid
skybet 300+ face build
Liga MX 200+ face build
added 100 Tattoos
Corrected the names of the competitions
Corrected logos for all competitions
HD Emblems for all team
HD new national logos
85+ New boots
39+ HD ballpack included brazuca,argentum,torfabik,adidas finale ucl 13-14 OMB
Carpet add
Standing addboards
HD net Hexagonal
HD turfs for all stadium
new stadium preview
unlock 2 stadium
Indonesian+malaysian NT playable at ML
HD replays ESPN
Real captain badges
add sleeve Badges
glooves fangmechine for goalkeepers
glooves adidas winter for player
New Locker rooms

Download Aldimanx Pes Patch V6.0 :


pass: aldimanxganteng

Thanks to:
starvin & smeagol75(for amazing converter),suatcagdas,secun,insomniac,sulama,autohero,tibinator,ezeman,,ps3john,ron69,GRKN,face maker, patch maker & evo web community
twitter: @aldyverio
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  1. Por favor mostrar un vídeo de muestra.
    La explicación que incluyes en los archivos no se logra entender.

    Please show a video sample.
    The explanation that you include is not easy to understand.

  2. 1) hi, it’s just me?? I don’t see any kits in the game,i see the original horrible pes kit in every team not licensed…what can i do???
    2)and on every update,there is the same boring problem….in the skybet championship, i see the team name right…but every logo is from the 2.bundesliga…again this problem???it never will solve????
    3)in the other european team there is 2 ireland national team!!!

    i install the file in the bles folder and after i install the o.f.

    it’s not difficult,but everytime this problem???