For those who didn’t heard the E3 2014 interview from Key Masuda here are some pes 2015 features we found out there. For more, watch the full interview.

– PES 2015 is a very high spec game
– the game should have a more direct control feeling, based on players feedback
– shooting base is reworked
– direction and power ball have been revised from scratch
– the visuals will be very highly improved
– there will be a very exciting new mode available online and offline
– the lightning environment is improved
– a variety of weather, rain enviroment and rain lightning available !
– gameplay affected by the rain but having the feeling of natural flow.

pes 2015 key masuda

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  1. still didn’t have hansball feature ? i didn’t know why Konami always missing hansball feature,for us this is the most important featured,without this we weren’t feel more realistic football game simulation.