PES 2013 PES Boleiros FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch

Download PES 2013 PES Boleiros FIFA World Cup 2014 Patch

After just over a month’s edition, we’re releasing another patch! Based on patch UEFA Euro 2012™, Pes Boleiros incorporated a patch dedicated to 2014 FIFA World Cup™. In patch you will find a complete collection of editions and graphics that will leave your game the face of WC.

The national teams are all 100% updated on the date 06.15.14 (both cast as uniform). The patch also includes more than 1000 faces, an entirely refurbished (from menus to the new score FIFA). We still have a bootpack with cleats that will be used during the competition and ballpack with balls of all hearts. The narration (optional) Galvão Bueno still brings a touch over the competition.

Besides all, the patch comes with all 12 stadiums of the FIFA World Cup, updated adboards, a special playlist and anthem of all national teams (the anthem of Brazil is sung by the crowd)!

What are you waiting for? Will already reserving a little time to play the best patch of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, incidentally nothing better than a patch made by Brazilians in Brazil’s Cup!


– Have installed PES2013 (Need up installing the DLC 6.00);
– We recommend backing up “pes_topBG_E_1” files and “pes_topBG_E_2” in the img folder of your PES;
– Extract the rar file. the patch and install the file (always as adm);
– Then install the FIX that corrects some errors in the game;
– Also remember to run the game in admin mode so that errors do not occur!
– If not read kitserver, open the file and manager.exe gameplaytool.exe file [C :/ Program Files/KONAMI/Pes Boleiros – Fifa World Cup 14’/kitserver13] and click Attach.

General Editing – Pedro Igor
Adboards – 02David20
Balls – Suptortion
Boots – Nilton1248
Faces – Team Pes Edit
Graphics – Pedro Igor
Kits – Akmalrw, Bk-201, DarkNaples, Leezero, Lehiff, Marcelo, Master26, Nach, Nemanja, Pakdhe, Sabz and Tottimas.
Narration – Matheus Barros
Option File – Team Pes Boleiros
Scoreboard – Walison Filipe, KO (replay)
Stadiums – Team TricolorPES, RaphaelN7 & SoaresN10 (in game)
Trophy – Ali_Hector
Other Editions – 02David20, Enzo, Heru87

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