CREDITS : Fruits.

This is a simple tutorial that explains how to run Jenkey’s Fileloader with Pes 2014 Patch 1.13 and any datapacks.




Yair CoreGamplay Patch 1.8:





Extract the files you’ve just downloaded to your desktop.
Rename the Yair executable to “pes2014”.
Replace the Yair executable you’ve just renamed by the one in your PES 2014 install folder.
Copy the JKgamer.dll and the whole Fileloader to your PES 2014 install folder.

Now just clean your Fileloader and GDB, it might have some Jenkey’s files inside like one or two faces.
Open pes2014.ini and delete the second plugin “DLL = speeder.dll”
Save the file and close it.

Finally, create a folder inside your PES 2014 install folder and name it “download”.
Go to C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download and copy all files to the download folder you’ve just created in your PES 2014 install folder.

THAT’S IT, now you can add faces, balls, boots, adboards, kits, stadiums whatever you want with a 1.13 based and improved patch, together with PESedit 4.4 or any other .cpk based patch.


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  1. u will be dammed fruits wtf magic did u manage to do it work but one thing yair 1.8 is better then nesa exe?

  2. Você devia ter postado o Yair CoreGamplay patch 1.8, no servidor MEGA, porque ele é mais estável que o mediafire, eu não consegui fazer o download, corrompeu o arquivo várias vezes porque minha internet é lenta, e o tutorial não está muito claro também, ajude-me por favor.

      • Não, não está clarissimo.

        “Finally, create a folder inside your PES 2014 install folder and name it “download”.
        Go to C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\download and copy all files to the download folder you’ve just created in your PES 2014 install folder.”

        What files?

  3. Hi,
    can you give me the text translated into German? Please, I’m not so clear what needs to be copied while to get things working.

  4. to tendo dificuldade na instalaçao, n consigo achar o pes2014.ini, para excluir o plugin “DLL = speeder.dll”

  5. This is hawkes tutorial,you should ask @ evo web in hawkes thread for hrlp, he was the won that hex edited the exe that yair uses to work with fileloader.Fruits , you should not take credit for others work !!

  6. First of all i don’t want any credits. Secondly, i don’t even knew that there was a guy with a tutorial on that site, i’m not even a member there, i found this by my own. So grow the fuck up and stop being arrogant you fuck faces, you people must be so retarded that not even a simple tutorial you re able to follow. Now i get jenkey, why bother with most of the people here act like retarded, whining and complaining about something they don’t even help to do. FOR YOUR INFO I HAVE PES14 1.13 FULLY OPERATIONAL WITH JENKEYS FILELOADER AT THE MOMENT AND THE EXACT GAMEPLAY OF PES13 INCLUDING THE LONG RAGE ABILITY TO SCORE. I JUST DON’T CARE ANYMORE CAUSE PEOPLE ARE RUDE.

  7. Ok, I understand, I believe you, and ask for appology as here, is my mistake reading the other thread. I am sorry. Have a nice day ahead and have fun.

  8. fruits mate i have everything like you with turfs and stuff faces etc and it wokrs online the only probelm i have and maybe you can help me are adboards online they woork but with online the game will be abandoned with out them works fine do you know if adboards work online pls??

  9. Fruits, so you hex edited the 1.13 exe did you ?…NOOOOO , Hawke hex edited the exe so it would work with fileloader & he’s also now done the same for world challenge 1.16 as well, yet you don’t even give him credit for creating it.Now you call people retards because they can’t live up to your superior knowledge…get to fuck you fucking leach !! Guys if you want the proper & correct tutorial + the working world challenge 1.16 exe for fileloader go to Hawkes thread @ Evo-Web.

  10. @Rill

    Dude, you are fucking retarded. I used Yair exe you dipshit, you are not only retarded, you are not able to read properly as well. This is not about showing knowledge this is about something i found out by messing around and trying many different ways, so instead of coming here whining like a baby, why don’t you try to put some effort and contribute to PES 14 somehow. And btw any exe without Konami protection, can run the fileloader without the speeder…such an expert you are….seriously, go fuck yourself.

  11. “Replace the Yair executable you’ve just renamed by the one in your PES 2014 install folder.”

    Excuse me, Fruits, but do I really have to replace the renamed file or should i replace the pes2014.exe in the pes-folder “by” the renamed yair-file? Replacing a renamed file doesn’t sound logical to me…

    • You rename yair exe to pes2014.exe, then you replace the original pes2014 by the one you renamed which is yair. It works with NESA24 exe, yair’s, and any exe without konami protection you can do this to all the official patches now and in the future.

  12. I have a Problem installing DLC WORLD CHALLENGE, I have The DLC 6.10 and ACT 1.13 whith this File Loader version, everithing perfect, but I change de .exe for the one who have the World Challenge and when I Run The Game Seems like File Loader was never Installed, What can I do?

  13. Fruits, can you tell me what is “Speeder.dll” function? And why i have to delete it in “pes2014.ini” ?

    I am lil’ bit confused. Because the last time i try to apply this file loader, my game is messed and i can’t open it. Maybe i miss the step or something.

    I can’t install the patch 1.16 and the Datapack 7 too. My patch now is 1.13 and datapack 6.10

    Can you help me apply that latest datapack and patch?

    • one more bro, help me to change the soundtracks. I use the music converter by ginda, i already follow the step. And wuusssshhh…my soundtracks never change.

      Help me bro
      Thank you

      • Fruits, i just wanna tell you. I tried to apply file loader again, and it works for the file loader. But……the file loader can’t read my datapack and patch. i followed the steps that you wrote, and my game stop working. Copy the download folder, and bla..bla..bla..still stop working. When i delete the dsound.dll my game is running again, but the file loader doesn’t work.
        Come on bro, help me. I don’t know what to do

        Sorry for my bad english

  14. hey just a question, I can’t download yair cuz the ads keep showing. when i skip it, it shows the same ads again. again and again. Can you provide a better link to download the yair please? I appreciate all your hardworks here.