Pro Evolution 2014BT Sport ScoreboardFIX by Pesmonkey

PES 2014 - BT Sport Scoreboard - FIX by Pesmonkey

Changelog 05/may/2014 :

– Watermark logo cropped better & corrected its placement/alignment
– Trimmed some rough graphic edges
– Scoreboard purple color now lighter tint for better reading of team names
– Team lineup number list / After game stats backround now light colored instead of black (could not read black font text).

Scoreboard based on BT Sport “Theme” including TV logo watermark (HD1).

Pesmonkey – BT Sport Scoreboard – FIX

uploaded zippyshare multiupload

* If you want the font used in the screenshots (not part of the scoreboard) download here:

uploaded zippyshare multiupload

How To Install:

Simply copy “pes14_win_dat” to your fileloader “pes14_win_dat” location and overwrite..

Note: This require latest Fileloader to work, this also doesn’t support 4:3 format, only widescreen.

Created by: Pesmonkey2013.


– Konami – For the game (obviously)
– Jenkeys – For the editing tools
– s03_h4nd1 – Supply of photoshop template
– Firas Zinou – Tutorials and base to work from

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