PES 2014 File Loader by Jenkey1002

Download PES 2014 File Loader by Jenkey1002

Change log version : 

  • Updated plugin :
    • Gameplay.dll :
      • Tweak some values fit with lastest game version
    • Speeder.dll
      • Improve performance optimizer mode : reduce lagging during replay & cut scenes
      • more smooth cursor moving
    • Controller.dll
      • Changed vibration method (beta)
    • Other plugins :

uploaded multiupload zippyshare

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  1. Thanks Jenkey1002!, por favor conserte a pastas das musicas, algum erro nõ deixa ela funcionar corretamente, as vezes quando instalo nem toca as musicas que coloco no jogo!

  2. With me whenever i start a match the game freezes and im forced to ctrl alt delete to close.When fileloaders removed game works without any problems.Ive also tried a fresh reinstall and the same problem remains

  3. Disable speeder.ini: open pes directory: C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, open pes2014.ini ande erase speeder.dll line, then save, and it works.

  4. Claudio where i can find it the speeder.ini
    i copied the fileloader to C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

  5. it crashes in the selection of ball,shirt…with a black screen when i get a europa league match

  6. does not work With “PESEDIT PATCH 4.2”
    Please HELP ME .

    Thanks .

    Game Version : 1.12
    Data Pack : 5
    File Loader :

  7. Regards, FileLoader is not compatible with patch 1.13. if someone has a concrete solution to this problem because I have the original game please someone explain the procedure FileLoader worked with patch 1.12. at the moment this is not the case. I would like someone to tell me the solution of this problem. i have pes-edit patch 4.2.
    thanks in advance

  8. hey bro ,this version didn’t work in the newest version of pes 14,i’ve tried this one and the respond is not responding in my game,could you fix it ?

  9. Entrem em contato com Jenkey 1002!, precisamos do novo fileloader!!!, acho que ele ainda não fez porque tem uma nova DLC pra sair nesta ou na próxima semana!!!

  10. Hi, i can’t step into the game when installed FileLoader. It crashed every-time. What can I do? I had installed pes patch 4.4 before.

  11. Ba fratilor bagati file loade pentru pes 2015 .. ca sa pot selecta si forma camera pe broadcast live …. va rog mult …