PES 2014 File Loader version by Jenkey1002

Change log version : small update – not necessary to download if you don’t get any problem with older version

PES2014 File Loader

  • Updated plugin :
    • Gameplay.dll :
      • Fixed bugs for AI force mode
    • Faceloader :
  • Updated main module :
    • Improve compatibility
    • Fixed some minor bugs when use with patch 1.07
    • Fixed bug : settings.exe cannot start
Note : 
  • I stopped developing Songloader module (that was removed from plugin list already), please don’t ask about crash problem due using songloader, use it at your own risk.

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  1. Either i can`t find it on the forums, or there still isn`t any answer of what`s the deal with players geting default faces when changing their default boots, of course using File Loader? So please if someone knows the solution, share it, i`d really apreciate it!!!

  2. Obrigado!, Jenkey1002 por favor conserte a pasta pes14snd, porque não consegui colocar músicas como fazia nos fileloader mais antigos, talvez na próxima update você tenha consertado, não aguento mais o Nessum Dorma!

  3. @Edu

    If you have the song loader dll file in your file loader, then open the file “Pes2014-1.01” and add the line:

    dll = Songloader.dll

    I usually add the line at the end. This also works if you make a copy of “Pes2014-1.01” and then paste it to your desktop then rename it to “Pes2014-1.06” and then put the file from your desktop back into the fileloader folder were “Pes2014-1.01” is. You can then run Pes2014-1.06.exe file.

    Hope this helps

  4. Meu outro problema, é na pasta “GDB\uni”, eu consigo modificar tudo, face, boots, stadium…, menos os kits, não sei o que ocorre, já tentei muitas formas e nada, alguém sabe como consertar?!!!