iDownload Fruits Update For PES EDIT 6.0


– Updated transfers based on Romaboy98 Ultimate option file. (Updated for balanced gameplay pvp)
– PESedit 6.0 plus it’s features.
– HQ Turfs.
– HQ Hexagonal Nets with brasilian netshape.
– HQ Field Lines.
– Full PS3 buttons and gamepad
– Chants for nearly all the leagues.
– Stadium Ambience (you can now ear fans dropping and more).
– Hexagonal Menu Icons.
– Tuned PES13 Executable (No replay logo, no konami screen, no intro video default 1.04 exe).
– 67 Stadiums.
– Best Addboards Around the web.
– 39 Of the finest balls including Brasuca.
– All 2014/14 kits released so far are included.
– Lots of faces and hairs.
– Lots of tattoos.
– Improved Crowd.
– Banners.
– No Music folder “dt02.img” i think music in PES is useless waste of SSD.
– Sweetfx as an extra with what i find myself to be the best config.

And a lot more lot more.


UNPACKED SIZE: 3GB more or less.


Simply install pesedit 6.0, delete the original kitserver13 and paste this one there.
Delete PES13.exe and PES13_100.exe from you PES13 folder and replace by the ones in the pack.
Go to Documents/Konami/Pro Evolution Soccer 2013/ delete the “save” folder and paste the one provided on this pack.


I do not pretend to take any credits from the original creators, this is a compilation of some of the best add-ons around the web, based on pesedit 6.0 and Qpes, just without the trash suiting my taste. All the credits go to their respective owners and creators. Please notice that anyone could have put this together by just losing a bit of time and searching. Also i tried to leave the game as original as it is, no weird 3D logos no weird image menus, think in this as a the original PES with lots of improvements that make the game reach a whole new level. Thank you everybody for keeping PES alive specially for the ones who invest time creating the stuff i used here.

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  1. esta actualizado al 2014 todos los fichajes por favor respondan gracias por todo el tiempo que pierden para que este pes 2013 se siga jugando y que no te canses nunca de jugarlo GRACIAS

  2. To all users that are using this release, if you notice in the ball selection area there are a few ball slots left to fill. It’s not a bug or something, i’ve left it that way so when you add balls you just need to add them to the map.txt in you GDB balls folder without the need of changing the “ball.count” parameter. Anyway, if you do not intend to add any more balls and the blank slots are annoying you, just open your map.txt located in “Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\kitserver13\GDB\balls” and change the “ball.count = 47” to “ball.count = 39” and start the game. Thanks

    • Podes. Tens é que fazer o attach ao pes13_100.exe e não ao pes13.exe. A unica diferença é que um é 1.04 e outro é 1.00 mas ambos detetam o fileloader. Só que não consegues fazer attach ao pes13_100.

  3. This site does not work with me it just gives starting word without downloading a thing, so if you can upload it to other sites like mediafire or whatsoever or via torrent would appreciate it.

  4. NOTE: You might have to choose your favourite leagues from the PESEDIT SELECTOR after installing the patch and before starting the game. An additional INSTALL.txt with instructions is also inside the rar patch.

  5. Frutas, mas muda alguma jogabilidade? Ou é somente como o pesedit?
    Abraço otimo trabalho brother

    • A jogabilidade alteras conforme quiseres no Gameplaytool. Eu pessoalmente gosto dele como está e com as PSD stats que tem, jogo equilibrado, dá para fazer bonitos e etc. Eu jogo-o assim mas o speed em +2

  6. Thank you all very much. I hope you people enjoy as much as i do. The good thing about the compilation is that you people can add new released add-ons and that way keep your kitserver13 updated.

  7. Hey
    my problem is …
    ( 1 reloaded pes 13, 2 pesedit 6.0..(delete save folder..two exe and rld.dll …)3 fruits patch..)
    but i start de match and loading loading .. no begin the match .. black screen and just loading .. pls HELP ME

    (sry my bad english)

    • I’m not sure what happened but you maybe did something wrong, which stadium is selected? when you try to start a match?

  8. @KEN

    As you can see you did something wrong, do not attempt to put this patch together with another patches, do a clean install of PES13 + Pesedit 6.0 then follow the instructions.

  9. Compatible with Windows 8? I’m not install Pes 2013 because error in windows 8. Need Solution please!

  10. Help me!! After I Installed the Sweetfx on my old pc the game’s lagging. How to switch back to default setting ? Thanks in advance

  11. Can anybody upload this patch into mediafire link? Sorry if I make any difficulties but I can’t download through torrent or mega link

  12. Every install version 6.0 there is a “PES 2013 Has Not Been Installed” what is the solution? whether it can use that version?

  13. Hi, first thank you for this big work :) .
    I hope it is not my fault, but I find a bug in your patch .
    A player, for instance Kitambala with Championship on 2nd Division, appear many times-(I have near 40 Kitambala in my games) .
    The worst is that player subsitute many others players when I begin a Master League, that is very annoying .
    I tried to switch 2nd division, but same thing … (example : Dogo for liga Adelante …)
    What did I do wrong?
    Thank you for your help, have a nice day :)

    • Hello Fellow Jim,

      That “bug” is not present on my system or any other player so far.
      So id recommend you to flow this steps.

      1st – Make sure you did a clean install of PES 2013 and Pesedit 6.0 and by clean i mean, uninstall pes, delete all folders respective to the game, like C:\Documents\Konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Then install pes and install pesedit 6.0.

      2nd – Do not replace kitservers or save games, delete the folders and put mines in their respective locations.

      3rd – On “C:\ProgramData\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2013\download” you must not have any other files than the pes ones. Let’s say you installed many patches before, maybe some image is there messing things up.

      4th – DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE SAVEGAMES NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PESEDIT 6.0. For example pesjp or qpes ones will not work properly.

      5th – Last but not least, after all done before running the game, make sure you select your leagues on PESEDIT SELECTOR located inside pes2013 main directory.

      Thanks for supporting, hope that this help you.

      • I have made this twice, same result : Dummy players, lot of Kitambala, Dogo for liga adelante, marlon for 2nd Bundesliga …
        I don’t understand where is the problem, Do you have another idea?

  14. Every install version 6.0 there is a “PES 2013 Has Not Been Installed” what is the solution? whether it can use that version?

  15. i do exactly as your instruction but whenever i tried to start a match, it took like forever to load and i haven’t been able to play a single game after using your update.can you help me?.anyway thanks for the work man.