Real Madrid Adboards HD + Liga BBVA Billboddy Pes2014 By Zikint

# Realistic bill face texture
# Adding special static billbody & billface (Liga BBVA) in center for santiago bernabeu stadium
# 100% Real Madrid sponsorship view motion = view madrid reality match of santiago bernabeu Stadium (update sponsor motion ‘march 2014)
# 90% realistic all madrid Sponsor movie motion (Change Quckly Frame only)
# 6;30 minutes duration

uploaded multiupload mediafire
uploaded multiupload mediafire

before download, Please Watch Video for 3 minutes:


to use :
2 part rar file (.001 & .002), place in one folder and then extract .001 rar file only…
(backup your bill folder)

just copy “pes_win_dat” folder to FileLoader by Jenkey, and add the config.xml parameter like this :

don’t put all “madrid” bill if you use it to another stadium,, put the movie file only..

becouse the billbody & billface only for liga BBVA, i’m adding billbody model of the center….

Thank you…

Credits :
– Master Jenkey, Best FileLoader
– Suat CAGDAS ‘sxsxsx’ (CPK tools)
– Grkn, for Inspiration
– Rhudie, for usm script Encoder
– Majuh, for bill confiq templates
– Pesmonkey
– chrisi20
– All Patcher

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